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Poland July 2019 Photo Journal

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To help students becomemore comfortable speakingEnglishTo experience PolandTo form Polish andAmerican/Canadian friendshipsthrough communicationTo laugh at ourselves and have funCommunication PatienceNon-judgmentalPositivityConsiderationCooperationCreativityParticipationSharingCompromise2Looking out for each otherPunctualityFlexibilitySense of HumorOpennessto new ideasHonestyRespect

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~ Winston Churchill

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time. When we got to Zakopane camp, a delicious chicken dinnerwas waiting. Afterward, we unpacked and relaxed. Some of thevolunteers had little sleep previously, so they slept well. Sundaymorning we awoke to many birds singing and a local cow mooing.The view of the Tatra was magnificent and the day perfect. We setour goals for the camp and defined characteristics of a good team.LYNN ADAMS4aturday was arrival day in Zakopane. We left the BaliceKraków airport early and expected to have some relaxing,After dinner Karen, Matt, Zbig, and Annie went hiking to theGubałowka mountain. Meanwhile Dorota, Avery, Lucas, and Lynnwent to the village to check out the store and enjoy the lodyselection. Following the evening meal, we met our group ofstudents, then it was time to plan for our Monday morning classes.

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began. Fifty-one students, young men and women, were dividedinto seven groups. We scattered around the splendid hotel “CzteryPory Roku” (The Four Seasons) and gathered beneath the trees, attables under umbrellas, on the grass, and elsewhere. One groupengaged in calisthenics (exercise); another played a rousing boardgame; my group astounded me with a story of 16 students beingtrapped in an elevator (lift) while the door opened and shut rapidlywhile not giving pause ling enough to escape. Clever Matthewlaunched his group into a role play concerning hoodlums caughtdefacing a tall apartment building with graffiti and role payed thesubsequent court trial.ANN FINALY5fter our scrumptious crepe breakfast, Lynn read asummary of the previous day’s events. At 9 AM the funDuring the 4th hour of summer school, all 51 students andvolunteers learned about Canada from Matthew. He showed thesize of Canada in comparison with Poland and talked about thevarious provinces and territories and about Canada’s bilingualnature. Kajetan, one of our students, translated Matt’s lecture intoPolish. Long and complex, the lecture was very detailed. Bravo,Kajetan! The afternoon was spent in the waterpark and playingvolleyball.Finally, another excellent supper and then evening offorced relaxation imposed by a violent thunderstorm.

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~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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7AVERY ZERCOEmentoring. Then Karen's class competed against Mathew's class ina heated battle of Jeopardy that ended in a tie. Zbig's class countedvertices & faces. Annie's class performed the chicken dance. Lynn'sclass took a field trip to the store. Susan's class did a gratitude treeand amnesty exercise.After lunch, many of the volunteers went on the bus with thestudents to Zakopane. We stopped to see the beautiful church,Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. Then the bus dropped us off inZakopane to explore the shops, market, and cemetery of Zakopane.uring the morning conversational English assignment,Karen's class joined Avery's class to do some peer to peerAfter dinner, Lucas, Avery, and Mathew went into Koscielisko withthe students to the sport courts to burn off some energy.

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8KAREN TALBERTafternoon hike, and the evening dance activity. New Polish wordswere in the food and drink category.In class today, Karen’s students gave national park presentations.Susan’s class played Jeopardy and Scattegories. Annie’s class playeda word game, created a Gratitude Tree, and learned a new cardgame. Lynn’s class worked on phonics to increase vocabulary anddiscussed what they had learned the previous day. Avery presenteda case study on Heart Transplants (who deserves the heart andwhy), played Jingo, and practiced dancing for later as well aslearning a few Polish dances. Matthew engaged his students in agame of Resistance, a strategy and persuasion game the kids seemto love. They played three times.t the morning meeting, Dorota spoke about the day’supcoming events: cleaning crew tending to our rooms,

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9KAREN TALBERTDinner was in full swing by the time the group returned. A danceparty was offered for evening activity. There was quite a bit ofenergy and enthusiasm in the room which was surprisingconsidering the day’s activity. We all had a great time.After lunch, Matthew, Avery, Lucas and Karen went on a hike toDolina Koscieliska with the children. It was rather ambitious.Departure time was 1:45 PM. The group arrived back homesometime after 7:30 PM. Some of the group elected to proceed intothe canyon and climb the ladder to a vertical cave. Some anxietybut lots of smiles and cheers as people exited the cave.Fourth period, Avery delivered an informative presentation on Texasand Florida. There was much interest and many good questions.The session concluded with a rousing rendition of Cotton Eyed Joewith many students joining in the dancing. Not to be outdone,three young men provided some hilarious laughs with their versionof YMCA.

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~ Confucius

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11SUSAN KULBACKIMathew and Karen organized the “Treasure Hunt” for their classes.Later Mathew’s class went to the store and bought junk food andKaren gave out “treasures” to all the rest of the classes. Ann’s classplayed Jeopardy, Verb Dingo, and Word Chain, and they studiedPolish and US History. During the last class, they went to the shops,came back, and told about 10 things they saw. Lynn’s class studiedAmerican eels and America the Beautiful, played memory games,and had one on one conversations. Avery and Lucas had a mockelection and discussed how they made their voting choices. Theyalso played American Dingo. Susan’s group played Word Chain andfound words from “Well Orchestrated” Word Search. They tookturns reading out loud a magazine article and underlined wordsthat they didn’t understand. They played Verb Dingo and Apples toApples. During the last period everyone had fun playing Charades.Zbig’s class practiced using verbs in sentences; discussed an essayon languages, peoples, and stereotypes; and contemplated solvingproblems.he first thing this morning all the classes met on the lawnfor stretching and dancing.The teachers met at 5:30 in the resource building to set up the 4thof July Party. The party started at 7:45 with patriotic songs, games,and s’mores around the fire. The support staff invited the teachersto an after party for adults with snacks and good conversation.

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12Memory games were popular as well as walks, volleyball, andsoccer. Word finds were good English exercises as well as somevocabulary. Scavenger hunts were enjoyed. Friday afternoon thestudents visited the local story/folk teller, but his Polish was difficultto understand.he first week has ended. Unbelievable! Lucas gave themessage of the day and Susan read the journal. Saturday was basically a day of leisure, but we had to bid goodbyeto Avery and Lucas. Sunday was the students’ big day in Krakówjoined by Matt, Karen, and Lynn. Susan and Ann hired a guide for atour of the area. Here we are again, the start of the new week.

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TEAM 262JOURNALZakopane, PolandJuly 2019~ Oscar Wilde