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West Virginia July 2019 Journal

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GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS W e s t T e a m V i r g i n i a G o a l s T e a m 1 1 7 C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s Shared workload everybody all in To learn about the local culture To serve the community as we re asked To bond as a group and with the community To grow individually To have fun T e a m Recognize incorporate individual strengths Trust each other Effective and open communication environment Recognize weaknesses and adapt accordingly Strong effective leadership Share a vision Know how and when to have fun Embrace and tolerate all differences Maintain positive attitude through mutual encouragement 2

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Always do your best What you plant now you will harvest later Og Mandino

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July 28 2019 DAN ROCHE J o u r n a l E n t r y The teenagers started gathering in the kitchen where they began preparing breakfast French toast scrambled eggs fruit salad and muffins They had everything ready as all others came out of their 7 00 AM rooms ready to begin the day Breakfast was casual and filled with conversation To Team Goals To learn about the local culture serve the community as we re asked To bond as a group and with the community To have fun To grow individually We gathered as a full group and let Norman our Team Leader begin to lead us through some orientation and team building First we took turns introducing ourselves specifically mentioning any volunteer experiences we may have had and naming 9 00 AM particular strengths that could possibly be put to use this week Norman also gave an introduction to Global Volunteers summarizing and explaining the organization s philosophy of service and principles of practice After the intros and the overview we brainstormed two lists our team s goals for the week and characteristics of an effective team For the first of these each person wrote three goals they think we have while we re in West Virginia We put this on the wall on index cards and then grouped them into broad categories which were basically the following to learn about the local culture to serve the community as we re asked to bond as a group to grow individually and to have fun 4

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DAN ROCHE July 28 2019 We then expanded this into a list of ten more specific goals Our list of effective group characteristics involved things such as mutual respect tolerance open communication strong leadership buy in by everyone and being kind to each other and to ourselves After our two hour discussion we had lunch and some people played basketball We got in the vans and with Brenda as our tour guide went out to see the local area 1 00 PM Our first stop was in Gauley Bridge where Brenda showed us an apartment complex operated by SALS and she told us the story of how under her initiative and leadership that neighborhood was transformed from a place of frequent violence and severe poverty to a stable family oriented place with good places to live and even a playground We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting some of the glorious natural sites in the area specifically Cathedral Falls where there were many butterflies maybe yellow Swallowtails and rocks in the creek to hop across and a small pool of water at the base of the falls to cool off your feet and then the New River Gorge We stopped at the National Park Services visitors center and got a spectacular view of the gorge After a stop at Dairy Queen for some ice cream we hit Kroger for some dinner supplies and then headed back to Beards Fork with a quick stop at the SALS office to meet John David the director of SALS 5

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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today Theodore Roosevelt

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O MOLLY MALGIERI July 29 2019 J o u r n a l E n t r y ur first full day of work and the excitement level was very high Everyone started to get up around 7 00 AM to eat breakfast and prepare for the day At 8 30 AM we had our team meeting We heard a great inspirational message from Fergus and a thoroughly descriptive and well written journal entry from Dan As we had divided into our three groups the previous night we knew where we were going and with whom The Oak Hill group set off in a van with LeToya Artie drove the group to Boomer to meet Brenda and the other group stayed here to start with Kenna The Oak Hill group Caitlin Sara Simon and Christine went to the Historic Oak Hill School They were given their mission and they assembled a railing for a wheelchair ramp In addition to the railing they also prepared for the Community College Presentation by setting up chairs and tables The Boomer Group Sarah S Ryan Bray and Ben had an interesting start to their day as well Sarah S went with Brenda to get shovels while Ryan and Ben began to clear a passageway through intense foliage When the shovels arrived an 18 inch ditch was dug and everyone was very happy Work was also done inside the house moving equipment and removing trash 7

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MOLLY MALGIERI July 29 2019 The third group ine Colin Fergus and Maddy along with John stayed at the facility to work on the garden and school They weeded the garden and used an electric stapler to put down a weed barrier They worked cooperatively and figured it out Gardening also included play time with the goats Then they moved onto the school and painted the walls in preparation for a mural Felicia and Dan also stayed behind at the school and helped until they left to pick up our vans for errands After getting the vans Felicia and Dan checked in with the Oak Hill group ultimately bringing them back to the facility All the groups arrived back multiple games of volleyball basketball and spikeball were played As Brenda made dinner we decided to take a trip to a local swimming hole Unfortunately we could not find it until it was too late as we needed to return for dinner It was decided that we would go again tomorrow night We returned to a delicious taco salad dinner followed by peach cobbler Brenda outdid herself After dinner we figured out the logistics for Tuesday and then all the kids cooperatively cleaned dried and put away a heap of dishes Afterwards games were played outside and Felicia made some of her famous popcorn Although she insisted it was not her best batch the group disagreed Lights out was at 10 30 and all was well It was a good day that included some frustration but also a great deal of fun hard work patience community and laughter 8

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What helps you persevere is your resilience and commitment Roy T Bennett

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T SARAH SHARPLES July 30 2019 J o u r n a l E n t r y oday was the second day of actual volunteer work so everyone woke up perhaps slightly less bright eyed and bushy tailed than the day before expectedly so Nevertheless everyone woke up dutifully around 7 00 AM Everyone ate breakfast and prepared for the day to begin in time for our daily team meeting at 8 30 AM Everyone is excited for that bond to continue to deepen and to continuously defeat the challenges we face At the meeting we discussed our plans for the day and checked in with how our team goals for the week were going Caitlin started us off with an inspiring quote about resilience and adversity in the face of challenges which proved to be the theme for our day Then Mrs Malgieri shared with us her extremely eloquent journal for Monday This recap proved to be a smooth segway into our discussion of our team goals and characteristics of an effective team This check in allowed us to re center ourselves and our focus for the day After this team discussion quick meditation and partner exercise all of which were led marvelously by Mr Roche Everyone split up into their work groups and left for their respective volunteer vicinities 10

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SARAH SHARPLES July 30 2019 The Regina group came together and accomplished every task put in front of them regardless While Ryan went with Miss Brenda to gather the shovels from the Boomer site Caitlin Sara Colin Mrs Malgieri Mrs Sharples and Mr Roche got to meet some local residents of both the human and the canine variety When the group had all its materials and teammates back they worked quickly and efficiently to transport a goat pen from behind the apartment complex to the bottom of a hill across the street from the buildings The Oak Hill group followed this pattern of successes When the team first arrived they shared some intensely emotional moments with local volunteers as the reminisced and reflected on their stories and lives in West Virginia A little while afterwards the work began and the team jumped into action While Ben helped finish paving and securing the wheelchair ramp Sarah ine and Mrs Brown did some heavy lifting and organizing in the school s basement The team felt extremely satisfied in the hard work that they had accomplished The on site group or as they would prefer to be called The Hangers started the morning out weeding scraping algae planting brussel sprouts and setting up a hose to make some mud for the pigs When an algae scraper fell into the water the team creatively utilized a coat hanger to retrieve the tool earning them the clever nickname of The Hangers After a break for lunch the group worked closely together to plan sketch and begin painting a mural which is guaranteed to turn out to be a masterpiece The mural will showcase some of the most prominent and breath taking physical features of West Virginia s geography which will only be heightened by the incredible talents of Trinity Church s finest artists 11

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SARAH SHARPLES July 30 2019 When the respective volunteer groups reconvened at HQ everyone was understandably exhausted However after a quick break for showers snacks and hydration everyone regathered outside to continue the seemingly endless game of volleyball peppering After a couple of hours the team came in to be wowed for the third time by Brenda s exquisite cuisine After a quick check in a recap of the day and some planning for tomorrow everyone was feeling serene and excited for whatever the next day of work had to offer Later in the evening everyone met for the nightly re group After a quick check in a recap of the day and some planning for tomorrow everyone was feeling serene and excited for whatever the next day of work had to offer After a few wild rounds of Mafia everyone started winding down and getting ready for bed Even in seemingly mundane activities like dishes laundry and card games it has become increasingly evident that deeper and more intimate bonds have been formed between everyone here From the hours of work spent together the friendly dispositions of every volunteer and chaperone and the challenges that have been faced and overcome by everyone here a closer relationship is already being formed Everyone is excited for that bond to continue to deepen and to continuously defeat the challenges we face 12

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A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles Tim Cahill

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A July 31 2019 SARA PEDERSEN J o u r n a l E n t r y nother day of hard work bonding and a little fun on the side The morning seemed to move similarly to the pattern of the last few hectic mornings During our daily morning meeting Braydon shared his beautiful and enlightening quote followed by Sarah s unbelievably beautifully written journal that shifted us all to an attitude to keep going and work even harder Another day of hard work bonding and a little fun on the side Once the meeting ended and the boys of boomer descended many stayed back at headquarters for gardening and painting Sunny Johnny mowed the entire lawn and others picked and planted various vegetables After a short drive a walk through some tall grass and creek and many jokes about how we were part of a cover up to dig up a murdered woman named Loral we discovered that loral was indeed a tree that was supposed to be pulled But after April revealed with us some of the animals in the area including both non venomous and venomous snakes and spiders such as copperheads and rattlesnakes we decided to abort our mission But once returned all of the headquarters crew were hard at work painting in the school and ready to eat 14

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SARA PEDERSEN July 31 2019 After lunch the headquarters group continued painting There were up to six people working on the mural and we finished painting two seasons Once the boomer boys got back and visited the mural many short lived basketball and volleyball games were played until all were rushed out the door for evening activities Mrs Malgieri Sunny Johny and Maddy went to Tamarac to see local art and visit the area around it while everyone else raced to the swimming whole Shortly after some took an adventure following the running creek and returned for fun and short rallies of peppering the volleyball After all evening adventures and activities were completed and all had returned to headquarters welcomed by the smells of Brenda s wonderful and later filling dinner Dinner was filled with many loving and interesting discussions which was later followed by our meeting that night Once people were placed and plans were made many joined the outdoors to play more volleyball Then we decided to all take a quiz in the living room to find each of our spirit animals The night ended with hand hugs and the girls stayed up talking about memories feelings family and most importantly how all of our relationships have come together and been further deepened through this service project 15

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A single rose can be my garden a single friend my world Leo Buscaglia

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August 1 2019 T INE HOYE J o u r n a l E n t r y he group began to move through our accustomed routines in the early morning Adults and kids alike began trickling out at 6 00 AM We all had breakfast of Lucky Charms oatmeal and other varieties to fuel the work day ahead It was evident the group had learned the art of working hard while having fun and bonding with each other The group gathered at 8 30 in the common room for the daily meeting This included a refreshing and encouraging quote from Colin and a very wellwritten and thought out journal entry from Sara P We discussed the day s plans and mulled over how we thought the week was going Though the hard work of each day tired and drained the group continuously everyone left the doors of HQ with bright smiles and persistent hearts By the time a quick game of volleyball wrapped up the Boomer group left for the day s work around 9 15 AM Meanwhile the seven remaining got to work in the SALS yard and neighboring school Kenna the skilled gardener and groundskeeper instructed Mrs Malgieri and ine on how to plant several Rhododendron They planted them along a fence that had been taken down by a tree during a thunderstorm While the two of them were planting Maddy Sara Sarah Caitlin and Fergus worked on the mural In the next room Mrs Sharples Mr Downs and Simon painted a second coat in the boys bathroom Several people rotated between the two rooms 17

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INE HOYE August 1 2019 The Boomer group consisting of Colin Braydon Ryan Ben and Mr Roche descended with hopes of a long work day until they realized the stove they were going to install was unfortunately broken The guys made good use of their time waiting for instruction about the stove by utilizing pickaxes found on the site for chopping and a photo op With so many hands on deck painting in all areas moved along quickly and with a sense of togetherness and accomplishment Seeing as those who went to Boomer finished early they returned to help paint the mural and bathroom at around the same time with their tasks With so many hands on deck painting in all areas moved along quickly and with a sense of togetherness and accomplishment It was evident the group had learned the art of working hard while having fun and bonding with each other Sing along worthy music assisted the painters throughout the workday and by the time clean up rolled around many danced and sang together Most notably Jealous by Nick Jonas The workday ended early so the group could experience West Virginia culture at its finest and most artistic in the Old Times Strings Festival Once arrived to Cliff Tops the team split up into groups and explored the various stands filled with jewelry banjos food and pottery Many purchased souvenirs for themselves or loved ones The fiddling contest attracted many seeking out a sense of traditional West Virginia music After yet another game of Hacky sack and volleyball in the dark a meeting to decide the sites people would be going to for the last day was called To cap off the night many decided to participate in an eventful game of Mafia and others recharged with bonding discussion and an early night s sleep 18

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True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable David Tyson

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W CHRISTINE BROWN August 3 2019 J o u r n a l E n t r y e began our last work day together with our morning meeting ine read her beautifully written account of the previous day s activities Ben shared the wisdom of Michael Scott underscoring the friendships we ve built together this week After our meeting we all traveled next door to take a group photo in front of the mural our group has worked so tirelessly to give to the school We then took a group photo outside to memorialize this amazing trip together Our workday included one work site SALS This allowed us to keep our team together at one worksite for the first and only time this week Here we divided into two teams to tackle the work to be done Ryan Ben Braydon Caitlin Colin Sara and Sarah went with Mr Downs to finish painting in the school This included giving the girl s bathroom a new coat of paint and adding some colorful dinosaurs to the boy s bathroom We know Artie s grandchildren love dinosaurs and we hope it brings them and the rest of the school a smile 20

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CHRISTINE BROWN August 3 2019 The second group focused on some outdoor activities ine Simon Maddy and Fergus supported by Mrs Malgieri and Mrs Brown set up a water pump in the creek to deliver water to the ducks pigs and the water tank The team then worked on weeding fertilizing and mulching the pumpkins cutting and mulching the asparagus bed and repairing a broken fruit box The team then mixed cement to form the new sides and bottom of the fire pit As each team completed their tasks they returned to a treat Artie s grandson Riley had come for a visit and he treated us to a game of Down by the banks of the Hankey Pankey as well as hide and seek When the whole group returned they went outside for a fierce game of duck duck goose Our last work related item of the day included a group meeting where we completed surveys for the Global Volunteers and SALS Once those were done we all signed thank you cards for those who donated to the Go Fund Me site which enabled our trip here Our gathering ended on an incredible note Maddy Sara and Sarah presented paper bag awards Here each member of our team was presented with an award tailored to them Each award came in the form of a lunch bag which included the name of the award a beautiful illustration and an incredibly thoughtful personal note These awards clearly took some time to create and we were all touched by their compassion Each person was delighted to receive their award and all spirits were lifted This is just one of the many examples of the exceptional character of this gifted group We ended the day with a celebratory dinner Dan grilled burgers and Brenda made cobbler It was a feast enjoyed by all After dinner we headed over to the school to hear country music artist Billie Payne We were joined by several SALS neighbors along with Brenda Artie and Norman Our group learned a line dance and we spent the remainder of our time dancing and laughing What a great end to a great week 21

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