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Vietnam Team 86

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VIETNAM TEAM 86GlobalVolunteersNovember 9 - 23, 2019WWW.GLOBALVOLUNTEERS.ORG

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To learn about andexperienceVietnamese culture& foodTo gain newskills andperspectivesTo make ameaningfulcontributionTo betterunderstandVietnamesehistory & economyListeningCollaboration2Resources EffectiveUseCommon GoodTaking InitiativeFlexibilityParticipatingTo makenew friends3

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From the fringes of the Red River Delta - where the ancientorigin of Vietnamese language, art, and culture wasnourished 5,000 years ago - to metropolitan hubs like Hanoiwhere the results of a series of freemarket reforms areevident, Vietnam is transforming rapidly and embracing itsheritage and future with many challenges.
With great enthusiasm, Global Volunteers welcomedTeam86 to the vibrant city of Hanoi - to build mutualunderstanding with the Vietnamese people and assist thegovernment with its ambitious educational and economicgoals to enable students to use English confidently inacademic and professional settings.
The lack of teaching staff and resources are two mainobstacles nationwide. Poverty is still evident, even in urbancities, despite rapid modernizing. People with disabilitiesare left with few opportunities for education andemployment, despite their efforts.Global Volunteersdirectly addresses needs in those two high-priority areas.4

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Our time-tested and proven philosophy of service ensuresvolunteers’ efforts help advance our Vietnamese partners’development vision and goals. Team 86 applied theircombined energy and unique, individual skills tocontribute in a variety of ways to these sustained, long-term projects:As volunteersinstead oftourists, Team 86 got to knowand learn from the Vietnamese people - leaving behindthe gifts of hope, service and friendship.Using Global Volunteer’s Conversational EnglishTeaching Guide and their personal creativity,volunteers offer classes to primary and secondaryschool students. Sharing their knowledge in profession of business,finance, law, and technology with university students. Helping young adults with impaired visionlearnpractical conversational English to improvetheiremployability astrained massage therapists.5

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"Evening brought the new team together over dinner at thehotel; getting acquainted; hearing travel and service stories. This is an enthusiastic and well-traveled group. We bondedwell for a great experience together as we serve in Hanoi."~ Barbara"I’m going to be wondering how the couches get intosome of the apartments for the rest of my life. Thebuildings are so skinny!"~ Caitlin"Woken up by our rooster pal early in the morning. Snoozedoff just in time to hear the alarm go off. Breakfast wasdelicious: a blend of Vietnamese vegetables, salads andother food along with western food to satisfy all palates.Joined everyone for orientation in the "Penthouse Suite." Introduced ourselves, set our team goals, and did our groupactivity of flag identification."~ Cathie6

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"Global Volunteers activities seem to be integrated well intothe Omamori Spa and BlindLink programming, with clearobjectives for our English work, and working with studentswith a variety of English skills, vision and some with additionaldisabilities. Ms. Huong has a clear vision for the organizationand I feel like we are making a real and significantcontribution."~ Susan"After spending a week at BlindLink, Susan and I have beenimpressed by the power of other senses and the ability of ourstudents to “see” the world differently."~ Phil"Margy and I believe we have been quite successful withthe kids from NBK and are enjoying the experienceimmensely. We make everything a game, and are verypatient. But most importantly, we genuinely like the kids,and they seem to like us."~ Michael 8

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"It was a very touching and heartwarming daywith hugsall around by everyone and for everyone. I have neverseen such a mass outpouring of affection at any school Inmy life. The memories will last forever!"~ Michael"I feel fortunate to have spent the full two weeks working withmostly the same staff at Omamori - seeing definite progress inEnglish pronunciation and vocabulary, learning thepersonalities of many individuals and feeling a part of therhythm and daily routine of Blind-Link and Omamori life. I amconvinced that this is a real and effective, sustainable exampleof social entrepreneurship, providing a great service thatclients happily pay for, and creating meaningful jobs andincomes for a disadvantaged demographic."~ Susan"We continue to try and find learning experiences for thesebright but rambunctious and occasionally inattentive students."~ Margy10

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