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Tanzania November 2018 Journal

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GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS R e a c h i n g T e a m C h i l d r e n s G o a l s To strengthen the relationship To learn about community and share collective experiences To give back and make a sustainable difference To seed and stir the children s imagination P o t e n t i a l T e a m T e a m 1 4 C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s Patience Collaboration Have Fun Good listening skills Compassionate Honesty Be on time Flexibility Open Communication Be pro active Respect 2

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T e a m Leslie Apony is in marketing with SAP Success Factors where she s responsible for the development execution marketing and program development of VIP events Globally This is her first service program with Global volunteers She worked at the kindergarten home visits and with the handwashing campaign Ronald Claiborne is a retired ABC News journalist Since retirement he loves doing what he wants and one of the things he likes is going around the world to help people in need He loves teaching too This is his first service program with Global volunteers He taught the standard seven students who are preparing to start secondary school in January Michele Gran is Co founder and Senior Vice President at Global Volunteers She made home visits met with community leaders about the clean water and handwashing campaign and started a conversation with families and caregivers about destigmatizing mental illness 1 4 I n t r o d u c t i o n Margaret Henly is a physical therapist who is self employed She has been to three other service program and this was the fourth one She was conducting workshops home visits with the handwashing campaign and exercised children who have delayed in their movements Sharoz Makarechi is a writer This is her first time to serve with Global volunteers She helped the clinic staff take inventory and arrange materials taught kindergarten made home visits and participated in the hand washing campaigns Asha Ngweta is a new RCP program caregiver who joined the team as part of her training She has a certificate of community development She was working to get the overview of the program Specifically she worked in home visits installation of handwashing stations and in workshops Teresa Quinliven is a Flight test engineer with the Department of Defense She says she loves what she is doing in Ipalamwa which is teaching the kindergarten and secondary school students doing home visits and helping maintain the generator Lisa Van Der Steur is working in fundraising This is her first Global volunteers service program She accompanied the local caregivers in home visits as well as helping with the handwashing campaign Olga Xapile is a community partner with Global Volunteers former South Africa program In her community she leads women s empowerment projects In Ipalamwa she taught conversational English to the standard seven students and made home visits with the caregivers 3

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M e s s a g e o f t h e Two roads diverged in a yellow wood And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler long I stood And looked down as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth Then took the other as just as Fair And having perhaps the claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear Through as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same And both that morning equally lay in leaves no step had trodden Black oh I kept the first for another day Yet knowing how way leads on the way I doubted if I should ever come back I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference Robert Frost The Road Not Taken D a y

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November 17 2018 T MICHELE GRAN J o u r n a l E n t r y wo very long days of travel from various points in the United States and South Africa by means of airplane jeep and for at least one of us bus across mountains prairie desert and grasslands has culminated in a lively and heart felt musical welcome in beautiful Ipalamwa Tanzania We re a diverse volunteer team of eight comprising an impressive array of skills ranging from physical therapist to helicopter engineer come to unite with an inspired community to help children learn grow heal and thrive We formed ourselves into a team this morning at the FQ Hotel and at the secondary airport in Dar es Salaam When boarding a smiling attendant handed us each a roll of biscuits our unadvertised in flight meal service Almost on time our 10 seater plane took off over barren lands surrounding the city that quickly transformed into grassland and then into forest The sun was bright and the clouds translucent Our pilot Sultan was friendly and most important competent Just before the highlands we descended to a short and narrow landing strip in what appeared to be an open field with two children on bikes alongside Sultan jumps out of the aircraft I notice he makes a point of removing the ignition key Has he ever had a planejacking Ron says he recalled the announcement of our flight mentioning a special stop This must be it I have a hard enough time understanding airport announcements in general let alone in a Tanzanian accent Thank goodness for Ron s well trained ear A passenger jumps out a pickup truck zooms in to fetch him and within minutes the pilot who also is the luggage handler re enters the cockpit We re headed back down the runway and are soon over ancient volcanos on our way to Iringa Town by early afternoon Once there we re greeted by Mohamed long time Global Volunteers staff program assistant Rashid the newly hired team driver and Olga our final team member from South Africa We load our luggage and ourselves into two Global Volunteers jeeps 5

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MICHELE GRAN November 17 2018 Once moving again the air coursing through the open windows is fresh and woodsy replacing the humidity of the city As the orange red sun falls behind the horizon we become aware of a line of fires in the darkening distance Mohamed explains that farmers burn their fields at this time of year to clear them of dried stalks and crop residue The practice is common but not environmentally advisable Yet without large equipment farmers harvest largely by hand and time saving procedures are necessary On our way up the narrow mountain road we pass brightly lit shops open to the street women carrying wood bundles on their heads homes with the glow of television leaking through and under mud patched walls and children occasionally crossing the road far too close to our vehicle The deep ruts and narrow shoulder are evidence of heavy damage from the previous rainy season and Mohamed tells us that this road can wash out easily during just one seasonal downpour A hard life indeed in these little villages along the dusty red road to Ipalamwa S t u d e n t s t o h a v e g r e e t u s w a i t e d i n t h e u p l a t e r t h a n t r a d i t i o n a l u s u a l w a y We drive through Lulindi one of the three villages served by the RCP health center and with a few more narrow turns in the road arrive in Ipalamwa to sounds of students singing Students have waited up later than usual to greet us in the traditional way with songs of optimism and faith foretelling our weeks ahead The RCP staff introduce themselves outside the guest house and quickly help us unload our suitcases and backpacks in our rooms We re led into the kitchen and meeting room for a hot delicious dinner and a formal introduction I look around to the faces that were new to me this morning and now seem almost familiar Leslie the new agey corporate manager who I ve learned is as passionate about details and precision as she is about travel and service She s taught us an early 6

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MICHELE GRAN W e November 17 2018 ve l i s t e n c o m e a n d a n d t o g e t h e r l e a r n t o s h a r e t o a s s e r v e a n d a t e a m a n d t o t e a c h s u p p o r t lesson in flexibility when after learning that her luggage has gone on safari brightly embraced the opportunity to source new attire at the open market with no detectable chagrin Teresa our youthful can do engineer who speaks fluent math along with English and as a kid loved drawing took up painting with acrylics four years ago demonstrating true right and left brain integration Ron our jovial male influence and keen observer whose wide smiles has been beamed around the world surprised no one when he yielded to his journalistic instinct as we passed a vehicle accident on the road Inquiring minds want to know Margaret our thoughtful and devoted Global Volunteers program veteran and physical therapist whose taste for adventure and spirit of service constantly leads her to the road not taken Lisa who is replacing her husband on this program in a twist of fate Talk about cosmic convergence Sharoz the Iranian born fully American entrepreneur brand and marketing consultant of both the east and Left coasts who thoroughly enjoys the irony that she soon will be teaching HER second language to students learning THEIR second language And Olga the humble soft spoken mother of seven and community elder who traveled alone for the first time to bring Global Volunteers back to her village of Malungeni South Africa and found kindness and deep compassion in the Tanzanian journey along her journey We ve come together as a team to listen and learn to serve and teach and to share and support We re at the right place at the right time with the right people on the right course We open our minds and our hearts to the children and families of Ipalamwa While I sincerely strive to live consciously in the moment I allow myself to wonder how this team number 200 in Tanzania will summarize our two weeks together How we ll discover the true capacity within ourselves and each other and learn more of the universe s true intention for the people of our fragile planet 7

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M e s s a g e o f t h e May all beings live in safety May all beings be happy May all beings be healthy May all beings live with the peace of equanimity Metta Meditation D a y

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November 18 2018 F MARGARET HENLY J o u r n a l E n t r y irst full day Michele read the journal from yesterday s journey written with a wonderful eye for detail At Anna s request she then reviewed the history of Global Volunteers from its birth on a honeymoon in Guatemala through its program in Jamaica to the inception of the program in Tanzania at the insistence of the bishop of the Lutheran Church of Tanzania Anna then reviewed the history of RCP Reaching children s Potential starting in July of 2017 with 4 caregivers a program manager and a driver It is modeled on a St Lucia program focusing on the window of opportunity for development open in the first 1000 days beginning with early pregnancy through the second year after birth We volunteers will join our predecessors in teaching in the schools making home visits assisting in the clinic and providing and educating the community with technologies such as hand washing stations garden boxes and nutritional porridge In development is the creation of chicken coops to allow members of the community to raise chickens and collect eggs to provide protein for pregnant mothers and young children to prevent stunting She and Michele reviewed the interdependent triangle of IQ health and hunger and the potential and real affects that RCP is having on those issues The team had incisive questions and spirited discussions ensued After orientation we all crowded into the Global Volunteers van to go to the Lutheran Church for Sunday service where we were welcomed warmly by the pastor The service 2 hours long followed a typical order of service with Bible readings and homilies punctuated by singing Oh the singing It was frequent and beautiful with harmonies rising to heaven rarely guided by a hymn book I frequently wondered how 9

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MARGARET HENLY November 18 2018 the congregation memorized so many different hymns Many hymns were accompanied by drumming most often by a young girl in the front row Even the call and response was melodious We were fortunate enough to be present for the baptism of 3 of the youngest members of the congregation Even though the words were foreign the ritual was familiar All 3 infants remained amazingly calm throughout the process and it struck me how well behaved all the children in the sanctuary were Even the children from the community peeking in through the windows Lunch was again delicious After lunch we all retired for nap time No graham crackers and apple juice though The afternoon orientation began afterwards Anna reviewed the Global Volunteers policies and guidelines Anna then reviewed our daily timetable and elicited volunteers to be coordinators within the team activities coordinator Leslie celebrations coordinator Ron journal coordinator Michele and food coordinator Margaret We then set our team goals After each team member wrote 3 personal goals we distilled them into 4 overall goals for the rest of the 2 weeks The team members then met with the RCP staff caregivers and headmaster of the secondary school These meetings allowed us to meet our coworkers for the next 2 weeks and clarify our roles A f t e r l o o k s o m u c h f o r w a r d w o r k t o p r e p a r a t i o n w e s t a r t i n g r e a l o u r t o m o r r o w After a filling dinner Mohammad led a Swahili class for those of us interested Mohammad was a very patient teacher and all students were curious and engaged After so much preparation we look forward to starting our real work tomorrow 10

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M e s s a g e o f t h e D a y Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth You owe me Look what happens with a love like that It lights the whole sky Hafez

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November 19 2018 SHAROZ MAKARECHI J o u r n a l E n t r y 6 15 AM The alarm set for 5 45 had done nothing to get me out of bed on time for yoga We beckoned Margaret to lead on this our first official work day in Ipalamwa Margaret in addition to being a well traveled pediatric physical therapist and serial global volunteer is a student of Iyengar what I consider the most intelligent of yoga practices and a yoga instructor in her own right I knew she d be good and thoughtful 7 00 AM I m in front of our communal meeting room where Leslie Lisa and Margaret were in seated positions atop seat cushions getting longer breathing easier Margaret led a beautiful session in sync with the sun rising and I can t help but think worse case scenario they can host yoga retreats here 7 45 AM Breakfast New faces in the dining room For the first time we meet the clinic staff and dine with them as colleagues Dr Benjamin general nurse Elizabeth nurse midwives Zohari and Suleiman and a mild mannered lab technician Brown all of whom went to school together but only met after landing their positions with RCP 1000days project in Ipalamwa 8 00 AM Our schedule conscious team leader Anna hushes the conversation and stares me down as she seems to have at a few junctures that it s time to move on This time she has good reason I am to deliver the message of the day and I couldn t be more excited but not until Michele our steadfast founder who is serving as both volunteer and executer of Bud s to do list on this trip returns to the room We hear a lot about Bud her husband and co founder just about every time she speaks but she is also on a very personal mission one so close to her heart I feel it go right through me And it s not just because mental illness hit my family We are part of the 1 that universally experience schizophrenia My niece is not the only one who experiences the condition It affects us all The fastest way to describe it is to take the stigma away from talking 12

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SHAROZ MAKARECHI November 19 2018 about acknowledging and coming together to accommodate for those in the community whose brains are wired differently from that which considered the norm 8 15 AM Margaret reads the Team Journal entry from the day before going over our team goals and the characteristics of an effective team that we landed on as a group under Anna s guidance as part of our Orientation T h e h e a d m a s t e r p l a y i n g t o e a r i n h i s h a p p y w a s c o o l o f f i c e t o h a v e m u s i c s m i l i n g a l l o f e a r u s 8 30 AM Anna Michele and I walk with Leslie and Teresa to school and my heart softens as the children many wearing something akin to a uniform bearing the colors of the Tanzanian flag green blue and black with yellow highlights make a mad dash for us leaving their playing and screaming in the field trying to beat each other to grab our hands It had been so long since anyone wanted to hold my hand and now I had two with more fighting to hold on to any part of me as we walked to their headmaster s office One of the teachers promised that once they settle into their seats Leslie and Theresa would join them and suddenly 78 or so 5 year olds walked into their classroom in an orderly fashion The headmaster was cool music playing in his office smiling ear to ear happy to have all of us not just the assigned volunteers sign his 13

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SHAROZ MAKARECHI November 19 2018 guest book I have no idea how any teacher can handle 80 energetic kids just learning to be in a classroom All I know is I will take these kids running up to me with such unabashed and in reality unearned love anytime I loved them all and I don t even know them Magic A l l k i d s I k n o w r u n n i n g i s I u p u n a b a s h e d w i l l t o m e t a k e t h e s e w i t h s u c h a n y t i m e 9 00 AM Back at HQ the home visiting factions of our team are being mobilized by trusty driver and sometime Swahili teacher Mohammad and his assistant Rashid Ron s students are hanging around in a group and Michelle immediately decides that he ll need some help with his task and goes to retrieve Olga from the kindergarten to help Good call I follow Anna to the clinic to meet Tazamia Herman and see the team who joined us for breakfast again My task is to help set up the pharmacy which involves some sorting and labeling Upon my arrival the tape for the Brother labeling tape has run out but it s on the way Anna gives me a tour of the clinic which is still being set up Hospital beds need to be assembled The supply closet needs sorting and labeling I start thinking about flow and work space needs for the staff and suspend judgment on why things are not set up already There is an operating room a dental suite two doctor s offices Lots of boxes packed with supplies the clinic does not need It s difficult to get things here so it s probably not easy to get things out 12 30 PM Lunch where Mama Tony says HACUNA MATADA to me for the first time Having walked on her recently mopped floor with my red clay laden boots I m mortified She says it again HACUNA MATADA NO WORRIES Her smiles tells me she s used to this type of thing and means it at least sort of 14

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SHAROZ MAKARECHI November 19 2018 1 30 PM More work at the clinic Sorting organizing labeling Checking in with Zoharo and Suleiman on what certain supplies are and how they might be used and in what quantities This is a combination of physical if not hard labor and the best of my space planning and logic testing skills I m into it Happy to help in this way though it s not what I thought I would be doing here All good 5 00 PM We got a tour of the technologies box gardens and hand washing stations and walked around to the greenhouse and the gardens and harvested peppers tomatoes and cucumbers 6 00 PM Team meeting where everyone shared how they spent their day Michele spoke on the worldwide occurrence of mental illness passionately and compassionately 15

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M e s s a g e o f t h e We cannot do great things we can only do small things with great love Mother Teresa D a y

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November 20 2018 O LESLIE APONY J o u r n a l E n t r y verall the day was a great day for the team The day was full of workshops teaching at the local primary school home visits that included installing hand washing stations community visitors from the hospital teaching secondary school children at the RCP center escorting two families to the clinic for care from Mkalanga that were seen the day before that needed medical attention and work in the clinic to transform and organize to make it effective for the staff The team is starting to get in a groove as many of us have been able to do the same activities more than one day and course correct along the way Many of the team wanted to make the short walk with the Kindergarten Teachers It was quite a parade as the close to 80 students now knowing who their teachers are they look on in the open field with one eye as they play to the direction of the RCP center Once they seem them approach they quickly join them for the walk many trying to hold on to the precessions of the center hands arms and back One student noticed Theresa s tattoos and actually tried to rub them off her arm O v e r a l l g r e a t d a y t h e f o r d a y t h e w a s a t e a m Theresa and Leslie feeling better about teaching today as they both knew what to expect as far as room setup the teacher being very engaged with the children having Emelia with us who is amazing with the children and is able to interpret for us and assist in keeping the children engaged 17

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LESLIE APONY November 20 2018 H i g h l i g h t s Songs sang in Swahili that included the children swaying their hips and rotating their bodies Head Shoulders Knees and Toes in English Another round of flashcards on colors A coloring exercise to reinforce what they learned on Monday We start to introduce shapes as they draw from shapes we put on the board Games after the break Color ball game Theresa and Leslie s own invention Simon says and Duck Duck Goose The children love to play and run around It was amazed how organized they were for the size of the group The teacher got involved and was the last duck and goose Story time followed with One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Emelia interpreted as Theresa and Leslie read Many of the children fell asleep after they played hard in the hot sun I would say it was a success Ron Veronica and Olga taught 26 secondary students English again in the RCP center This time they were able to use the tables in the meeting room The children seamed appreciative to be able to write things down The students were eager to learn many students showed up 8 10 minutes early It was helpful to have Veronica be part of the team and help translate at certain times during the class As the students left they all expressed that they were excited about coming back the next day One of the questions asked as part of the exercises was what the students ate for dinner A few students mentioned fish or meat but most of the students said they only had ugali There was a concern by Ron that they were not getting enough protein When the team announced a break none of the students got up from their seats as all wanted to continue to learn As the students left they all expressed that they were excited about coming back the next day 18

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LESLIE APONY November 20 2018 There were many home visits during both morning and afternoon Many included installing hand washing stations at RCP mother homes Most of the mothers were excited to get their hand washing stations installed and eagerly watched the staff install the newly designed wash stations Most of the mothers were excited to get their hand washing stations installed and eagerly watched the staff install the newly designed wash stations In other home visits the team had discussions with many mothers There was some concerns with some of the children s development There was a 16 year old that had not started to menstruate A child with reflux and had no motor skills the child could not even hold on to a object and would not use her arms A very fat baby that was about a year that went to the hospital recent for care Margret was concerned that the child may be retaining fluid She wanted to flow up with the child Margret made a visit with a child that had a broken femur that was in the hospital for many months Margret was concerned that the child will get proper care and get enough exercise they need to heal properly On a positive note on one of the visits Leslie was handed a healthy two week old Ditro to hold The house was spotless and the mother requested that everyone take off their shoes before they enter the house Even the two year old took of their shoes before they entered Charoz went on her first home visits today which she was excited to be able to attend The afternoon workshop went well it was helpful to have Veronica at the workshop to ask some of the tough questions This helped keep the workshop flowing This was the second time Margret led the workshop and was able to perfect the delivery even more today She felt she will get it down by next week when it was time to leave Sharoz worked in the clinic and was able to make headway in organizing the clinic and making the much need transformation She was also part of the team that greeted to visiting doctors and guests in the morning with Michele 19

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November 21 2018 L J o u r n a l E n t r y eslie and Teresa taught the kindergarten class as usual today The lesson was shapes and colors and because the class is packed with too many kids they decided to separate them into groups to give them more individual attention In the afternoon Leslie did home visits and erected handwashing stations in Mkalanga Meanwhile Teresa continued to work on the generator without a manual Margaret held a workshop in the morning with good attendance and visited the clinic in the afternoon Olga and Ron taught students who were so passionate to learn English we hope they will have volunteer teachers again soon We both went to home visits in the afternoon to install handwashing stations and talk to the residents about how to use them Michele reviewed the recent building improvements with Elkana so they could send photos to Bud Later Michele had a visit with a lady with a daughter with Down Syndrome Lisa said she saw the mother arrive to the clinic where she waited for Michele and later when she saw her leave after the meeting the lady was very changed and happy So thank you Michele for sharing with that lady Yes it s hard but we re here to give help and fight situations like this poverty Lisa raised a touching issue of a lady she visited with at Mkalanga She s felt all week the pain of seeing struggling that much in poverty with children She has no idea how she will get something to eat even this evening but the community doesn t see it like we do If we show preference for one it will cause chaos in the community And really we must be aware of causing a division if we assist one family over another Butwe all have to come up with a plan to assist situations like this Yes it s hard but we re here to give help and fight situations like this poverty 20

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M e s s a g e o f t h e Use your gifts to teach and help others Acknowledge them as your gifts even if only in your mind Take some time to list your strengths as well as the ways in which you could share them with the world Consider how that truly is a gift to others Unknown D a y

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I RON CLAIBORNE November 22 2018 J o u r n a l E n t r y n the morning Ron Olga and Veronica taught a class of 27 primary school students The students continue to make progress in conversational English They got all 10 opposite adjectives antonyms correct including the spelling The day before none of them had been able to give the correct answer to 8 of the 10 words They also continue to practice the past present and future tenses with the verbs to be and go using practice sentences beginning with yesterday today and tomorrow The students are attentive take notes and even arrived early for class In the afternoon Michele led a group of volunteers Ron Lisa Olga Leslie on the project to install hand washing stations at the homes of four Ipalamwa residents who are not RCP families but are considered people of influence in the community The stations were placed first at the home of Pastor Zablon who was very appreciative and subsequently at the homes of others with each recipient leader joining the move to the next location At the fourth home about ten local residents gathered for the final installation It was an occasion of effusive and very long speeches of gratitude and beautiful singing prompted by Husna demonstrating how long one should lather their hands with soap before rinsing The families who received hand washing stations also raised the idea of forming a cooperative to share the cost and logistics of future purchases of bleach Also Pastor Zablon agreed with Michele s suggestion that a sign be placed somewhere in Ipalamwa declaring the village s commitment to and endorsement of good sanitation practices Margaret and Sharoz took part in the third workshop of Margaret s to advocate and advise mothers about the cognitive and developmental benefit to their babies of playing with them Margaret says she has been tweaking and honing her message and believes it is improving in its focus and clarity In the evening retired Bishop Mdegela visited us and spent over an hour fielding questions about Ipalamwa and Tanzania and offered his perspective and advice on how we might best serve here as volunteers 22

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W TERESA QUINLIVEN November 24 2018 J o u r n a l E n t r y oke up at 0600 this morning Started to get ready for our Safari trip at Ruaha National Park I brushed my teeth brushed my hair Put on sun block and then topped it off with a gallon of bug spray I looked into the mirror and thought Wow I look like shinier than a swim suit model I finished getting ready and packed up my necessities for today and headed down to the lodge which was a slightly steep but short walk from my cabin During breakfast which was served at 0630 everyone gathered at the table Several discussions took place this morning as we ate our breakfast Margaret and I chatted about how forceful and effective the cabin toilets worked the lodge employees were amazed at how much water Sharoz drank and Leslie shared with us her amazing experiences while in Nepal Sharoz also had been to Nepal and they both explained how cows dogs and people in the streets regulated traffic there Michelle shared stories of different volunteers programs in various areas Lisa and I shared a conversation about trekking in Yosemite Valley As we finished breakfast we finished up all our world travel experiences As we were gathering out things from the table I asked Leslie what type of vehicle we were going to be on She informed me that it was most likely an open jeep I stated Well if I see a lion I m going to dangle a steak over Margaret s head We all laughed As we were about the leave the table Sharoz said she used roll on bug spray We all joked that she really used deodorant instead of bug spray She commented Well if you see my arms spotty with sweat then I probably did mix up the bug spray with deodorant 23

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November 24 2018 We met our guide whose name was Moses and we had the same driver as the day before whose name was Joseph I was very excited for this Safari because I have never been on one before so I was looking forward to seeing all the wildlife Little did we all know what adventure awaited us behind the gates of Ruaha National Park A day I will never forget We all loaded up into the jeep and headed to the Park As we were getting near the park we were all getting very excited WE SPOTTED A ZEBRA Wait just kidding it was a sculpture of a zebra on the side of the road We had been tricked We arrived at the park parked the jeep and then went at signed in at the front gate desk area After signing in we were back in the jeep in no time and then went through the gate After initially entering the gate we saw a velvet monkey Bayoba trees with what looked like chewed up trunks These Bayoba trees were very large and quite magnificent in size I saw trunks as large as 10 feet in diameter throughout the park Our guide explained that elephants use their tusks to take pieces of the trunk off to eat We also saw Acacia and Euphorbia trees We also saw helmeted Ginny Fouls male Kudu s and a couple of Giraffes just off the park road We stopped and took several pictures This was the first time I have ever seen a Giraffe before I was very excited After taking several photos we were off again We stopped at a picnic area next to a bridge We all got out and walked onto the bridge There were spotted numerous hippos and crocodiles in the river We took lots more photos and spent some time on that bridge before we got back into the jeep As we were heading back to the jeep I spotted a beautiful reddish orange headed lizard with a blue body and a cyan colored tail I have never seen anything like this before I felt like a kid and I got so excited It was so beautiful This was the first time I have ever seen a Giraffe before I was very excited We all loaded the jeep and off we were again Little did we know that our Safari trip was going to take an unexpected turn Not long after the bridge the jeep broke down on a slight upward hill The driver began to intensely work on the engine While waiting for the driver to fix the engine issue Sharoz and I began to fantasize about seeing an elephant herd cross the road right in front of our broken down jeep As we continue to fantasize about elephants the driver decides to move the jeep to level ground As we are rolling backwards to level ground I look down and see that the jeep also has a flat tire I point it out to the driver but he assures me it s not flat but I insist that it is Upon reaching level ground I hear Leslie yell ELEPHANTS 24

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November 24 2018 Horray We see a number of elephants and with them three baby elephants As we watch and take tons of photos of the elephants I look over to the jeep to see how things are going I notice that the driver is now taking the wheel off Looks like we did actually have a flat I was right So now our engine was not working and we had a flap tire The guide calls for help so we continue to wait While we were waiting we took more photos of the elephants Sharoz named the herd the Claytons because some of them were covered with red clay dirt Since we broke down 2 5 hours had passed before the rescue jeep came with a spare tire The tire was changed however the engine that was thought to be fixed still did not work So the rescue jeep took all of us to the park s headquarters As we traveled to the park s headquarters we saw antelope herd zebras and more giraffes We also saw a giraffe that had only one horn We arrived at the park s headquarters which had a runway several various buildings a few planes and a picnic area We were dropped off at the picnic area where we were to eat lunch and wait for a new jeep to come get us During lunch Moses explained how a lion will actually warn you first if it does not want you around assuming you did not creep up on it and startle it first Also during lunch we spotted a hippo standing just a few feet off the runway across from the picnic area After we were done eating Michele Leslie and Sharoz laid down on the benches to rest We just kept waiting After about another 2 hours a new jeep arrives HORRAY We all loaded up into the new jeep and departed out into the park again We saw more elephants birds and then finally approached a river which the road began to follow We attempted to search for lions but could not find any We turned around and then headed back out of the park Little did we know that our adventure was about to get more interesting Just about 5 minutes after we turned around we got caught in a thunderstorm We pulled over off the road by a tree and pulled down the rain covers on the jeep to wait out the storm The wind was blowing so hard that the covers were pushing on me in the jeep Also the rain was pelting the covers so hard that it felt like little rocks being thrown against the covers 25

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November 24 2018 While hard and loud rain which was almost deafening with gusts of wind hitting the jeep we began to hear thunder heading out way While waiting out the storm we sang Rain Drops are Falling on My Head to help us pass the time and Michele spotted a turtle just outside the jeep The thunder got louder and louder as it rolled right over us About 45 minutes later the rain and wind lifted and the temperature felt like it dropped at least 20 deg F We then got back on the road and headed back to exit the park driving out way through road filled waters and puddles slipping and sliding skidding sideways and fish tailing while holding on for dear life At one treacherous water filled road sections too us a few tries to get through it and Margaret and myself got hit with mud from the front tire At another section we started to slide and felt as if the jeep started to tip I looked back and saw Lisa and Michele lunging to the other side of the jeep With the driver s great driving skills he quickly recovered the jeep before conditions got worse On our way out we saw jackals baboons birds more giraffe and some other things At one point on our way back Leslie s hat flew off of her and we quickly back tracked and retrieved it and we well on our way again We arrived to the park gate got off the jeep and loaded into the lodge s van After we started driving away from the park we saw a herd of 8 10 giraffes on the side of the road What a sight this was About 10 minutes later we arrived safely at the lodge where the staff greeted us with big smiles We made our way to the deck for refreshments and popcorn Due to the jeeps mechanical issues the lodge offered us another half day Safari to make up for the time lost on today s Safari for tomorrow morning with a 0630 departure Today was a true Safari experience with intense four wheel driving and mudding adventure Today was a true Safari experience with intense four wheel driving and mudding adventure As Margarete stated during the drive to the lodge This was a white knuckle Safari that included a double axle double toe loop 26

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M e s s a g e o f t h e One ship sails east and another west While the selfsame breezes blow Tis the set of the sail and not the gale that bids them where they go As the winds of the air are the ways of fate As we voyage along through life Tis the set of the soul that decides our goal and not the storm and the strife Ella Wheeler Wilcox D a y

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M November 25 2018 TERESA QUINLIVEN J o u r n a l E n t r y argaret Sharoz Lisa Teresa Michele and Leslie woke up early tomake and make our journey down to the reception area from our cottages up in the hill at the Ruhah Hilltop Lodge with our luggage which they will store for us and load on the bus Today we were going to go for a morning game drive to make up for some of our lost time yesterday with the series of events The staff greeted the team and had coffee and tea on the deck for us when we arrived Emmanuel ensured me that this jeep will return and it is the newest one they have We got on the road before 7 with our guide Moses and new driver As soon as we descended from the hill we saw a group family of baboons on in the buffer zone between the resort and the park entrance We all encouraged that this will be great day for viewing animals Today was a beautiful clear day and we were all optimistic that we were going to have a morning full of animals and adventure On the way to the gate we also see a group of giraffes deer and assorted birds The plan was to have breakfast on our drive and we make a way down the twisty bumpy dirt road We see group of caribou and giraffe along the way We turn down another a new road and make a way to a medium size pool of water where there were hippos and over 20 crocks in the pool Here we had our breakfast of pastry rolls potatoes fruit juice tea and coffee Margaret announced this was one of the best breakfast s she ever had After breakfast we make our way down the dirt road off to try to find lions and a cheetah that was cited by some other groups Along the way we see a heard of zebra grazing close to the air strip groups of graffiti and some other animals We spend an hour going to some back trails and we never met up with the felines We then speed off and made our way toward the exit We stopped at a group of zebras by the air strip after a short pit stop The zebras were crossing the road and this was the first time we got a very close view of the herd To my surprise we have not yet run into any elephants today 28

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November 25 2018 We then made our way toward the gate and Leslie was thinking about elephants and about 5 km later we saw a female herd of elephants close to the road We were all happy to get a close view Then we head down the road and were greeted by 2 male elephants This was a great way to end the safari We made our way to the gate a 5 hour morning drive We were greeted by Emmanuel and Joseph with bus We made our way on the endless road to Iringa which was loess bumpy and traveled then the one we took on Friday night We made our way to the Lutheran center in Iringa and two plus hour later arrive We had our boxed lunch on picnic tables out front Michele checked to the center and her plan was to stay overnight in Iringa town After shopping in town and making a pits stop for gas we head to Ipalamwa on the twisty dirt road Two and half hours later we are greet by the rest of the team We are happy to arrive at the RCP center after the full day of travel and have dinner with the rest of the team made by Mama Tony and staff 29

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L November 26 2018 LISA VAN DER STEUR J o u r n a l E n t r y isa read the account of Friday and the trip to Hilltop Lodge and Teresa read a detailed account of the white knuckle safari Asha read the account of a quiet Sunday at the Center This morning Asha and Lisa went on home visits with Sifuni Sharoz went with Debora and Margaret went with Theopister Ron and Olga taught the primary students In the afternoon Teresa problem solved the generator again and went with Olga and Debora on home visits Ron and Sharoz put together a plan for the secondary school students to incorporate letter writing into conversational English Asha went on more home visits and Margaret gave the workshop to some of the RCP mothers Margaret shared her visit with a little boy named Clever who certainly lived up to his name While the second scheduled visit was not at home the third was with a very young mother living with her in laws Teresa reported that she loved her time in the kindergarten even though there were 83 5 6 7 year olds She repeated that the radiator cap was off the generator again and on a regular basis when the oil is replaced which has not taken place yet She reports that she really feels like she is getting to know members of the community through her home visits Leslie expounded on the kindergarten experience She notes that some of the kids are recognizing her in the community and calling her teacher She brought up the quandary they found themselves in when they found themselves at the end of the class time without the teacher The teacher apparently is responsible for teaching another class is well and has been allowing the children to leave by themselves This illustrates the cultural difference between the American and Tanzanian perceptions of the independence of children that age 30

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November 26 2018 Lisa shared her home visits one mother lost her husband just 2 months ago and is responsible for the upbringing of their 5 children now by herself Lisa expressed concern that the mother was grieving but seemed to brighten up when she heard about the basket weaving cooperative and Asha reported that this mother also seemed interested in the prospect of container gardens and chicken coops This mother rode the van back to the center to see the doctor in the clinic due to fever Another visit Lisa made was to a family of 3 generations of epileptics It seems that the mother of the child in RCP is self medicating with alcohol as is the grandmother Asha concurred reporting that the mother is in Dar for treatment of severe burns and the grandmother is now caring for the child Lisa shared that Asha speaks strongly about family planning and hygiene during these visits Ron reported that he has come to the conclusion that repetition with slight variations in the lesson will be necessary to the retention of the lessons he and Olga are teaching especially given the 1 month hiatus the kids will have in December They were able to make progresss on antonyms and contractions and the kids performed well They very successfully used the song Hope s Alive in class with its use of contractions with increasing speed Olga effused about Ron s ability to teach and she feels the students are performing their lessons well She went on home visits in the afternoon with Teresa She raised her concerns about a young child who came to the clinic had no improvement in the condition and has resorted to home remedies She continued the discussion on the difficulties young women have raising the subject of birth family planning with husbands or boyfriends Some women are also afraid of rumored side effects of birth control Olga was particularly pleased with one mother who shared the positive impact the handwashing station and the nutrition supplementation has had on her family She then recommended that RCP have a seminar for men gathering information from the women on how they would like to be treated Winnie invited Valentina the village executive officer chosen to enforce the bylaws of the village to answer questions from the team She spoke about the frequency of men leaving their families domestic violence family planning lack of social support service alcohol abuse and the real challenges of the handwashing stations 31

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M e s s a g e o f t h e D a y I wish them cramps I wish them a strange town and the last tampon I wish them no 7 11 I wish them one week early and wearing a white skirt I wish them one week late Later I wish them hot flashes and clots like you wouldn t believe Let the flashes come when they meet someone special Let the clots come when they want to Let them think they have accepted arrogance in the universe Then bring them to gynecologists not unlike themselves Lucille Clifton

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I November 27 2018 SHAROZ MAKARECHI J o u r n a l E n t r y I dug with a hoe for the first time during a handwashing station installation Usually at the site of a city girl dressed in linen men show up to help with the digging Around these parts the men are men and so are the women when it comes to strength and getting things done So with two holes dug I implemented a washing station For the first time Meanwhile Teresa helped tour around 4 candidates to be on premise engineers custodians in charge of maintaining the generators and systems at RCP and Global Volunteers HQ Teresa and Michele interviewed all 4 throughout the day covering expectations Stressing that this is not just an electrical engineering position and discussed their knowledge of sustainable energy sources All 4 were good candidates They were asked to consider the shift between living in Iringa or Dar vs Ipalamwa Veronica worked with Ron and Olga with the secondary students in the morning and measured babies in the afternoon after Peg s workshop Ron taught with Olga and witnessed more progress with the pre Form 1 students Ron has been mixing it up to test their retention of concepts like what s your favorite color and speaking more quickly In the afternoon he taught with Sharoz at the secondary school The letter writing assignment was a bit of disaster I can attest to that 33

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SHAROZ MAKARECHI November 27 2018 Margaret went on home visits with Sifuni in the morning First woman married overweight enough that she was concerned and then spoke about family planning Two children 10 and 2 8 years in between At 28 having irregular periods She had headaches with the injections and Margaret brought up IUDs implants and condoms She is to discuss with her husband and consider it Also worried about 2 year old who did not come out and she advised her about diet more meals smaller meals At the next home visit the mom was sitting on the floor with 7 month old and 5 yearold eating ugali veggies and beans and Margaret was very happy with the balanced nutritious meal Baby is starting to crawl She started showing photos of her kids home snow Christmas and the family was enthralled Margaret wished she had started this type of interaction sooner In the afternoon the workshop was great The 6 week old in attendance was part of her demonstrations to the mothers She would have liked to see the 11 month old participate too Asha said one of her home visits this afternoon was a really really really really bad situation Baby is sick with diarrhea vomiting and has been for a week Regina made sure that the mom brought the baby to the clinic today Mom does not breast feed drinks a lot of alchohol and sometimes forgets to make porridge for the kids She is likely depressed Olga reported on two afternoon home visits with Theopister The first was with a 22year old mom with two kids both fathers have left her She is not intending to have any more children Olga pushed on what her precautions are to accomplish her goal and advised her to come to clinic for family planning solution The second mom was 26 has two boys and knows that she should be doing some family planning but is not doing so Lisa reported on kindergarten in the morning with Leslie Amelia stepped in to help with translations Lisa is dumbfounded that there was no teacher there but Winnie mentioned that it is common not to have enough teachers in the school The kindergarten teacher also teaches two other classes Sometimes the kids just play in the field Leslie reported on another busy day at the Kindergarten with 90 kids Day before they had 83 and the day before 78 They were asked to move the class outside because other kids were having tests and kindergarteners were loud 34

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November 28 2018 L J o u r n a l E n t r y isa Leslie Asha and Sharoz attended a community brainstorming meeting led by Michele and translated by Deborah They are getting ideas for a handwashing campaign and celebration for Friday Leslie said she was so impressed with all the interests expressed by the community leaders Lisa s and Leslie s visits this afternoon with Deborah were difficult The first home was with a lady pregnant with her 4th child She looked so thin and eats very little She lives with her younger sister who has a completely floppy 18 month old child whose name is Happiness Leslie said the woman says she doesn t drink alcohol only soda She is going to talk to Margaret about the child that doesn t move The second home is with a lady who has 7 children from different fathers She had a little one who has had diarrhea for over a week even after getting an injection at the clinic two days ago Lisa says the baby is too thin for her age and the mother is a heavy alcohol drinker At the third house they say a mother with three children and her youngest had burned his foot and can t walk on it because of the pain Deborah and Lisa advised the mother to take the children to the clinic tomorrow Margaret saw a 2 year old girl in the clinic today who can t walk at all because her mother carries her everywhere It might be the girl has some illness and never got a chance to grow properly Margaret and Veronica measured weighed and examined the child and gave the mother some functional activities to train and strengthen the little girl L e s l i e a l l s a i d t h e s h e w a s i n t e r e s t s c o m m u n i t y s o i m p r e s s e d e x p r e s s e d b y w i t h t h e l e a d e r s The rest of the team worked at their assignments as usual home visits clinic work and teaching Michele spent the afternoon photographing and videoing the volunteers and a choir rehearsal at the Pentecostal Church 35

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M e s s a g e o f t h e Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things Robert Brault D a y

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November 29 2018 L SHAROZ MAKARECHI J o u r n a l E n t r y eslie said giggling girls met her and Teresa on the way to the kindergarten today She was excited to go back after a day off Today for the first time there were no kids in the field no running up to take their hands Kids were in the classroom with windows closed They started class despite no teacher in site Itsy Bitsy Spider was a hit Amelia learned it too The kids seem to love coloring Especially coloring books They played in the field Red Light Green Light Feels confident that the kids are looking forward to the classes and engaging Ron had a great morning with students who were engaged jumping out of their seats to answer questions Said Ron It was productive fun and a solid learning experience for the kids I m thankful for Olga and Veronica for their help in the class Fantastic Exceptional Wonderful Lisa said she s impressed with Ron and Olga s teaching and synergies She was amazed that one of their students remembered her by name from when she attended their class and called out during the long walk to one of her home visits More proof that these kids are sponges drinking it all up and retaining way more than we might initially realize R o n h a d w h o w e r e a g r e a t m o r n i n g e n g a g e d s e a t s t o w i t h j u m p i n g a n s w e r o u t s t u d e n t s t o t h e i r q u e s t i o n s Margaret spent the morning in the clinic where she was able to create a splint and also measured Agano a little boy 8 with athetoid CP for a chair to be built Assisted by Zoharo She was happy about this and leaves it with the next team of volunteers or the clinic 37

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SHAROZ MAKARECHI November 29 2018 In the afternoon 9 moms showed up for the afternoon workshop It was the best yet and in part because there was no projector In the future she may not even use slides and computer This being the 8th time she s doing the workshop it s easy to see what works The moms turned around and watched Margaret engaging with a 3 monthold a 5 month old and a 2 5 year old on the floor actually demonstrating what the moms should do with the kids In the future this seems to be a better way to run the workshops Asha had morning home visits and assisted Margaret in the afternoon Olga reported that her last day of community home visits was the best day She met a 29 year old mother who married with children ages 11 9 5 and baby boy is 6 months old The husband is involved the home is beautiful and warm She is happy to see that there are men who are responsible in Ipalamwa that there are happy homes Teresa enjoyed outdoor games with the kindergarteners Duck Duck Goose Red Light Green Light and Simon Says At one point she felt something on her arm looked down to see a couple little boys kissing her arm Look I have little boyfriends she thought She says she Love love loves the kids In the afternoon she taught domains and range and plotting to secondary school students Only 12 students vs 22 the day before She is amazed at the range and amount information that they hold Impressed with their grasp of math concepts A little tough to get them interactive but great when it finally happened Now back to my morning Visit 1 Alida 33 twin boys 13 in school 8 year old girl and 1 5 year old son Evence who was holding on tight and nibbling on the breast here and there just a nibble I asked if he was walking thanks to my learning from Margaret and eventually saw him balance on his feet topple giggle get up again and play with an old cell phone He let me read Harold and His Purple Crayon and began to fall into a nap towards the end in synch with Harold Family planning is in check and she s happy with the 4 children she and her husband have Only issue here based on Deborah s regular visits is that the kitchen is still inside the house in the same room that the family sleeps in 38

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SHAROZ MAKARECHI November 29 2018 Visit 2 Young mom 24 2 kids 2 men Married to the father of her younger daughter one year 3 months and has been part of RCP from the start Her older daughter is 4 eating a lot but not gaining wait On the growth chart she has fallen below the healthy green progression area slightly into gray and if this continues she will need to be checked out at the hospital Visit 3 Easily one of the toughest stories so far The story of Esther Born prematurely to a mom who died soon after she was born Having gone into labor prematurely in Dar Es Salaam Esther s mom was released but the hospital kept her infant for monitoring and so she returned daily to the hospital for visits unable to breast feed but at least she could see her newborn Esther would be small and underweight for a kid 2 years and 8 months old and that grandma would likely greet us I was blown away by the dignity of the older woman and her resilience Well over 60 she seemed strong and loving After I read Harold and his Purple Crayon yet again worried that Esther wasn t very engaged she asked my name again and then looked at me directly and said She pointing to Esther will remember everything you said and what happened here today and report it to everyone she sees when you re gone Don t mind her shyness she knows everything This made Esther demure and open up a bit She started with the high fives with her left hand which thanks to Margaret made me wonder about her right hand I left her with the story of her namesake Queen Esther with Persian roots like me Strong name strong girl It warmed my heart a bit that despite the fact that there wasn t enough support for this small family of 3 and not enough resources for more protein in Esther s diet that Global Volunteers is providing her with porridge despite the fact that she s almost 3 I like knowing that exceptions are made on an as needed basis and choose to believe in the caregivers judgement to be there for these beautiful and resilient Tanzanian families After we walked away I called Esther s name hoping she would come and wave goodbye She did and this time she used her right hand 39

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SHAROZ MAKARECHI November 29 2018 H i g h l i g h t s Volunteers travel far and wide to participate in a two week volunteer programmany traveling two day via train plane s bus jeeps and auto ending with a 3 plus hours jeep ride on a dirt road all uphill All eager to contribute A group of children play together on a clay road with a ball made of plastic bags you can hear the delight and playful laughter Two young girls play with Jacks made from an avocado pit both enjoying Hundreds of children play on an open dirt field awaiting their teachers to be available for lessons eager to learn Teachers showing up to school each day with class sizes of 60 90 children in the primary school many teachers hopping from multiple rooms to keep lessons going A young mother washes her three young children in a tub outside her home with water recently fetched from a tap down a large hill and brought there just for this purpose A pregnant mother with two children young children takes in her younger sister who s 18 month baby is failing to thrive the baby cannot eat use their arms walk talk or hold up their head with out support The pregnant mothers willing to support are sister in a time of need Mothers with their children on their backs walk up steep hills with huge bags of grain or food on tops of their heads carrying their families food for the next few days RCP mothers taking out time from their busy days attending a workshop with their young charges strapped on their backs committed to learn and have healthy families A mother and grandmother care for a young child who has been sick for weeks both in fear that it may be hours or days for that child to take their last breath Caregivers with caseloads of 40 45 families walking every day the steep roads of their family s villages making home visits All very committed to making a difference with their mom s and families Caregivers and volunteers having tough discussions with moms on family planning many mom s with 4 plus children and not end in sight Volunteers willingness to jump in and do what is needed In many cases researching details on the internet teaching and figuring it out along the way Community leaders in discussion with RCP leaders and volunteers on how they can partner in the campaign for adoption of wash stations with clean water and soap expanded beyond just the governments message when using a toilet 40

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M e s s a g e o f t h e What happens to a dream deferred Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun Or fester like a sore And then run Does it stink like rotten meat Or crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet Maybe it just sags like a heavy load Or does it explode Langston Hughes D a y

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November 30 2018 I MICHELE GRAN J o u r n a l E n t r y n a desperate final attempt to get the electrical supply on a predictable schedule Teresa worked all morning with with newly hired engineer Jacob going over tasks for maintenance of the generator Denis arrived and inspected the back up generator Asura spent the morning at caregiver workshops presented by Margaret Michele and Olga She said she was very glad to learn about mental illness because she didn t know much about it until today She too said she greatly enjoyed the afternoon celebration with the singing and dancing Olga said she was touched this morning when she and Ron told the students it was their last day and they asked who will help us Veronica reassured them that Global Volunteers will get more volunteer teachers to teach them in January but in the meantime they should continue their studies Ron commented that the morning students seemed to have learned a lot in just a short time and hopes the momentum can continue with future volunteers They seem to do a lot better after eating breakfast at the center R o n c o m m e n t e d s e e m e d t o t h a t h a v e t h e l e a r n e d s h o r t m o r n i n g a l o t i n s t u d e n t s j u s t a t i m e Everyone changed clothes and cleaned up for the afternoon community sign planting and handwashing celebration in Lulindi We arrived at the dispensary field in Lulindi and lined up behind the village leaders up the hill where we processed to the place where the sign was installed A cement space was prepared for handprints for the church leader Global Volunteers and the Kilolo District leader Secondary school students did a skit about handwashing There were songs and dances The two pastors spoke the district leader spoke and I represented Global Volunteers 42

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MICHELE GRAN November 30 2018 Leslie said it was very cool to be at a function like that The work that s been done here is amazing It was obvious at the afternoon ceremony that everyone appreciates our contribution The music was wonderful The singing was a capella They don t let lack of technology stop them It tells us you don t have to have all the accoutrements she said I t w a s o b v i o u s t h a t a t e v e r y o n e t h e a f t e r n o o n a p p r e c i a t e s c o n t r i b u t i o n L e s l i e c e r e m o n y o u r s a i d Margaret said it was really fun to watch the younger generation join the older generation in the dances Winnie expressed her gratitude for the team s work She said it s amazing that people travel so far just to help people Very few do that and I m so much grateful I don t know how to express how grateful I am and it s so painful to see you leaving I reflect on a very busy and productive two weeks There was a special energy around this team number 200 in the way we came together so quickly and built on each other s skills We started out asking how we could best promote the community s goals for better health and educational opportunities and I m convinced we truly left our positive influence in all three villages I m very proud to add my name to the long list of volunteers who ve contributed their skills to RCP in Ipalamwa 43

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TEAM 200 JOURNAL Ipalamwa Tanzania November 2018 The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention Oscar Wilde Thank your you for service GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS 375 East Little Canada Road St Paul MN 55117 1628 USA 800 487 1074 toll free 651 482 0915 fax globalvolunteers org email globalvolunteers org GlobalVolunteers globalvolunteers globalvolunteers