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"After 37 years in service worldwide, we know investing inchildren is the most optimistic and lasting work anyone cando. The destiny of the planet is in their hands, but theirability to safeguard the future is in our hands."- Bud Philbrook, Global Volunteers Co-founder and CEO

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EMBRACE THE WORLD AS A GLOBAL VOLUNTEER 4 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Volunteer with children and adults in engaging cultures Book your service program at globalvolunteers org Call us at 800 487 1074 to speak with one of our program experts 2

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3Community Volunteer Work Projects:Across the USA, proud traditions of care are passed onfor generations. As a Global Volunteer, you’ll contributeto community projects to improve the lives of childrenand families from the “inside” as a part of daily life.You’re needed to help at summer school programs,elder feeding programs, and worksites to build, repair,and renovate homes and brighten common areas. Nospecial skills are required to work alongside localpeople on their community projects. You may think you know the USA, but these “family-friendly” communities will broaden your perspective ofthis nation in surprising ways. Learn lessons in self -determination, cultural diversity, and the simple “grit”for getting things done. Best of all, they’re only a day’sdrive or a short flight from most USA urban centers.Join us this year! "From the "hollars" of West Virginia to thetribal nations of the Great Plains, you canhelp resourceful communities provide abetter life for their citizens. We connect youone-on-one with local people on significantcommunity development projects for aweek of service, learning, and fun. You andyour teammates will enjoy the uniqueexperience of becoming a part of anothercommunity and making a difference.Explore a fascinating culture different fromyour own within the borders of the USA –Native American, Latino, or Appalachian.U S A P R O G R A M SVOLUNTEERIN THEUSADormitory or motel-style lodgingSelf-serve breakfast at lodging Bag lunches at work siteDinners of regional favorites atlocal restaurants or prepared by alocal cookWhite water rafting – WVTour Badlands National Park – SDVisit Puye Cliff Dwellings – NMExplore Glacier National Park – MTLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are oneweek. listsprogram dates and tax-deductibleservice program contributions.Exceptional - - 800-487-1074“Over the years, Global Volunteers built sustainable relationships and credibility throughvolunteers’ hard work and sensitivity.” ~ Arnold Kerzner, Montana Volunteer Elementary school students are the focus of many USA serviceprograms.

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NEW SERVICE PROGRAM PUERTO RICO Puerto Rico attracts millions of tourists every year many drawn to its vibrant culture natural beauty and consistently gorgeous weather Digging deeper reveals a community requesting your help orphaned and vulnerable children needing psycho social support students looking to sharpen their English skills and community Volunteers work on the Blackfeet Reservation Montana USA buildings needing tender loving care Lend your hands hearts and spirit to this effort In just one week you can make a difference and form lasting bonds of friendship with the people of Puerto Rico MONTANA Blackfeet Nation On the Blackfeet Indian Reservation of northwest Montana days are measured by the seasons and the circle of life is celebrated through sacred traditions and historical customs This is an isolated area of the US generally only visited by non Indians on their way to Glacier National Park The economic and political center of the reservation is Browning which is also the county seat and location of federal Bureau of Indian Affairs offices You may serve meals to or visit elders read aloud to pre school children assist with youth recreational programs repair buildings paint and landscape public facilities and help with preparations for special events such as the annual Indian Days celebration After the work day you can explore the wide open spaces of the Western Plains participate in traditional sweats practice beading learn about the Blackfeet language or take a trail ride on horseback Under the direction of our local Blackfeet community partners you re offered an unvarnished personal glimpse into the daily realities of life on the rez The Global Volunteers who have been coming to the rez for more than 20 years have been eager to learn our ways and have also taught us respect for the work they do to help us in so many ways They are good for our people Tom Crawford Blackfeet Elder Our community partners are in the city of Aguadilla and surrounding area along the northwest corner of the island The resilient and rightfully proud people of this community face hurricanes brain drain and numerous structural economic challenges Over 50 of the population live below the poverty line the unemployment rate is double the US national average and many struggle day to day Young women and children are particularly in need according to the US Census Bureau the largest demographic group living in poverty is females aged 25 34 Your assistance can provide a ray of hope Community work projects in Aguadilla include teaching conversational English to university and adult students Preparing and distributing food to impoverished rural families providing psycho social support to vulnerable infants and toddlers at a local childcare facility and helping repair and maintain neglected school facilities are projects in which volunteers work alongside local people The beautiful island of Puerto Rico students looking to sharpen their English skills orphaned and vulnerable children needing psycho social support and community buildings in need of tender loving care www globalvolunteers org email globalvolunteers org 800 487 1074 4

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NEW SERVICE PROGRAM TEXAS Rio Grande Valley Volunteer Sarah Roberts with Billie moving logs to be cut on the Rosebud Reservation South Dakota USA SOUTH DAKOTA Rosebud Sioux Tribe The various Plains Indians tribes lived on the prairies across 400 miles in ten states between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains stretching from Canada to Mexico The Rosebud Sioux Tribe a branch of the Oglala Lakota Nation once occupied the land in what is now western South Dakota northern Nebraska and eastern Montana The Lakota name Sicangu Oyate translates into English as Burnt Thigh Nation They were one tribe of the Sioux Nation which consisted of about 20 000 people in seven different tribes throughout the Great Plains The current land area of the Rosebud reservation is 1 970 square miles and is home to about 10 500 enrolled members Unemployment is over 80 percent with more than 75 percent of the labor force living below the poverty level Labor assistance is our primary community service project Home repair and painting is a constant need Splitting and delivering firewood is an essential project and one that nearly all ages can contribute No previous experience is necessary Native crew leaders work with and direct team members At other times you may assist with youth recreational activities For instance you might help plan organize and run a week long summer camp for kids 6 14 Whether your interest is crafts sports music storytelling or the like your creativity is needed Work projects can change from season to season so please be flexible The Rio Grande Valley often looms large in today s news But beyond the headlines and politics lies a vibrant community requesting your help The families we assist struggle with the basic necessities of life You can lend your hands and spirit to projects improving their living conditions through an exemplary program founded to assist migrant farm workers In just one week you can make a difference form bonds with the people of San Juan and learn firsthand about the issues facing this multicultural community Our host and community partner in San Juan is Proyecto Azteca a non profit self help construction company that serves low income families in colonias unincorporated low income neighborhoods often with few city services in predominantly rural areas of Hidalgo County Texas Proyecto Azteca is a nationally recognized organization that has financed and trained close to 1 000 families in the construction and first time ownership of their own homes Proyecto Azteca is also part of a large coalition of community organizations working to improve the lives of area residents in the areas of housing education and health Work projects in San Juan include providing assistance to refugees helping at the local respite center helping at the food bank light labor home building and repair colonia clean up and health related projects at area clinics Our newest service program in Rio Grande Valley Texas www globalvolunteers org email globalvolunteers org 800 487 1074 5

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6T E A C H C O N V E R S A T I O N A L E N G L I S HVOLUNTEERINCHINAHelp elevate international understandingand cooperation in Chinese classrooms.Global Volunteers was one of the first USnon-sectarian NGOs to send short-termvolunteers to the People’s Republic ofChina in 1996. And, we’re one of only a fewnon-profit organizations certified to teachin Xi’an schools. You can personally help expand Englishlanguage learning opportunities for China’sfuture leaders in public and privateelementary classrooms and in colleges andvocational schools.Spacious, modern hotel Double-occupancy roomsSingle occupancy availableAmerican-style breakfast at hotelLunch and dinner at restaurantsMuseums, parks, theater, shopsArcheological sitesTerra Cotta Warriors Lodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one ortwo weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions.Community Volunteer Work Projects:Teach conversational English to youth and adults inprimary, secondary, or university classrooms. Teachersappreciate your assistance to enhance students’comprehension and understanding of English and yourcontribution to educational opportunities throughouttheir schools. This program is well-suited to volunteerswho seek predictable and meaningful volunteerprojects. You’ll be matched with students based upontheir level of English language proficiency. Our community partners enable you to help Chinesestudents and teachers prepare for work in the globalarena, where English serves as the universal language of commerce, technology, and opportunity. Whileteacher-volunteers are especially appreciated, noformal teaching experience is required. Every open-minded native English speaker can provide a - - 800-487-1074"The students were remarkable. We told them we brought something that can helpthem….the English language, and if they share their understanding with others, the worldwill certainly be a better place.” ~ Richard Chun, China Volunteer Volunteers teach English in Xi’an’s primary, secondary, anduniversity classrooms.

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The self-reliant Maori people of the beautifuland isolated Cook Islands welcome yourassistance to help children reach their fullpotential - and to enjoy their vigorous,Polynesian culture. Civic leaders work toreverse youth migration to other countriesand create employment opportunitiesthroughout the 15 islands. Our NGO partners on the main island ofRarotonga work to help bolster literacy andsocial services in several settings. Individuals,families, and groups of all sizes are needed towork with the island’s teachers and children!D E L I V E R E S S E N T I A L S E R V I C E SVOLUNTEERIN THECOOK ISLANDSDelightful oceanfront guesthouseDouble-occupancy roomsSingle occupancy availableAmerican-style breakfast Packed lunch at work siteLocal cuisine for dinner mealOcean sports, hiking, and bikingDance and music performancesWeekly cultural marketLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one,two or three weeks. lists program datesand tax-deductible service programcontributions.Community Volunteer Work Projects:Global Volunteers' teams assist with a variety of youtheducation projects, including helping improve Englishproficiency through reading, arts-and-crafts, and games,study for math tests, and practice lessons. High schoolstudents also need your assistance to improve theircomputer skills. Further, if you like working with your hands, you canhelp paint, repair, and renovate school facilities and work on plumbing, carpentry, and electricalprojects. Community needs change from season toseason, so we ask you to be - - 800-487-1074“I experienced what it is like to live in a developing nation. I learned about the Maori people,their culture and traditions, their food, their land wars, their families -- but most of all, Ilearned patience.” ~ Connie Xuereb, Cook Islands Volunteer Volunteers tutor students in reading and math in classroomsand small groups. 7 go to TABLE OF CONTENTS

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VOLUNTEERINCUBACuba is an extraordinary country! We offeryou legal one and two-week people-to-people and service-learning programs iniconic Havana and rural Ciego de Ávila, toserve the welcoming Cuban people.Working together, we build a relationshipof openness and respect based on mutualunderstanding. Help them improve theirfutures while you experience the vibrancyof Cuban art, music, theatre, and dance.Everyone is needed; everyone can bemeaningfully engaged. Standard service programs are one ortwo weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions. Exceptional service-learning opportunities.Community Volunteer Work Projects:Our Cuba program combines the best of volunteerservice and people-to-people exchanges by engagingyou on humanitarian projects in support of the Cubanpeople. You can improve young adults' English throughconversations with small groups. Work alongsideseniors in community gardens that produce vegetablesfor preschools. Collaborate with a women’scooperative sewing and making unique crafts togenerate income. Engage seniors in stimulating gamesand activities. Paint and repair buildings that supportthe broader community. This is an innovative program opportunity for Cubansto experience the generosity of American volunteers,and extraordinary opportunity for Americans to gain arare perspective into daily life through the eyes of thelocal people. Our program enables you to contribute tohumanitarian projects supporting Cuban youth andadults and help us build on our relationship with ourresourceful Cuban partners. - - 800-487-1074C U B A S E R V I C E P R O G R A M“Global Volunteers will help us bring about the necessary changes our nation craves.” ~ Eduardo González, Cuban Community PartnerVolunteer Sue Surma engages a Cuban woman in Englishconversation lessons. 8Charming casa particulares (B&B)Double-occupancy rooms Single-occupancy available Three authentic Cuban mealsdaily dinner at area restaurants Museum visits and walking tours Art exhibitions Dancing & musicaldemonstrations Theatricalperformances Cuba history lectureLodging and Meals: Free-Time Options:

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VOLUNTEERINECUADORThe spectacular ancient Andean culture andgeography is an inspiring background toservice work in Ecuador. Our amazingcommunity partners – a nonprofit women’sfoundation and a K-12 school helpimpoverished families. You’re needed forhands-on care of the young children ages 1 to4 and to assist with maintenance of thefacilities at two daycare centers and teachconversational English to children and youth. No matter your background or workassignment, your personal efforts improve thewell-being of Ecuadorian children.Safe, comfortable traditional hotel Double-occupancy rooms Single occupancy availableBuffet-style breakfast at hotelLunch and dinner in arearestaurants and hotelVolcano and equator toursArcheological museums Andean markets, architectureLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one ortwo weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions.Community Volunteer Work Projects:Contribute to a better future for vulnerable childrenfrom impoverished families in Quito. The need isongoing, so the immediate value of your contributions –working through Global Volunteers’ local partnera -Fundación de Damas Calderonenses (FUNDACFoundation of Women of Calderón) and Colegio MiguelÁngel Asturias – is immeasurable.At FUNDAC assist in preschool classes and recreationalactivities – a fun and exhilarating assignment. Thechildren are responsive, and the teachers and parentsare grateful for your help. You can also serve alongsidelocal workers who are improving the facilities GlobalVolunteers helped construct. Work projects may includepainting classrooms, building/repairing playgrounds,tiling walls and floors, and fixing windows and doors. - - 800-487-1074D E L I V E R E S S E N T I A L S E R V I C E S“It was hard work; there’s no doubt about that. But when 60 little voices greet you in unison‘buenos días’ and charge to meet you at the door to be lifted and embraced, you forget theachy feet and stiff back.” ~ Claudia Danovic, Ecuador Volunteer Help preschoolers learn through books, songs, games, and art.You need no formal teaching experience to do this. 9At Colegio Miguel Ángel Asturias teach conversational English to polite and enthusedchildren and youth who are eager to improve their communication skills. The studentscome from underprivileged families who live on the outskirts of the city of Quito. go to TABLE OF CONTENTS

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VOLUNTEERINGREECEThe island of Crete – a Mediterraneanjewel boasting white-washed houses andturquoise waters – is a land of antiquityand vibrant culture. But Crete hasstruggled economically and now needssome outside catalytic assistance. Our municipal government partners wantto engage you in a summer youth Englishlanguage school or after-school tutoring sothe children can improve their Englishskills – the international language ofopportunity. Charming, family-owned hotelDouble-occupancy roomsSingle occupancy availableEuropean-style breakfast at hotelHotel and restaurant meals“Mountains to sea” hiking Knossos, Phaistos, Malia Palace &other excavated ancient sitesSeaside towns and sunnybeachesLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one ortwo weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions.Community Volunteer Work Projects:Conversational English language instruction is anenjoyable, invigorating activity for most native Englishspeakers. During the school year, most students arebeginners, and your encouragement can greatlyincrease their comfort with the English language. Onsummer programs, you’ll help students bridge theschool years through English practice sessions atmotivating summer schools. Additionally, volunteers are needed to provide practicaland psychosocial support to staff and children at thenewly built children's home, the House of Angels. Here,volunteers will prepare bottles, feed babies, preparemeals, play and read stories, offer conversational - - 800-487-1074“I was a bit surprised when the girls started passing hand-made ‘good-bye’ and ‘I loveyou’ cards to me. The toughest part is when they look up at you and say ‘please don’t go!’That just melts my heart.” ~ Jennifer Starin, Greece VolunteerT E A C H C O N V E R S A T I O N A L E N G L I S HVolunteers work in bright and lively classrooms with English-language students.The Union of Women Associations of Heraklion (UWAH) is inviting volunteers to offer warmth, love,and care to 26 healthy, abandoned children ages newborns to 6 who would ordinarily languish inover-run and understaffed hospitals at House of Angels, a new children’s home.English to children and staff or help with light labor projects, such as cleaning, painting andgardening. And, of course, provide the "little angels" with an abundance of love and affectionthey so desperately yearn and deserve!

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Community Volunteer Work Projects:Teach English in secondary classrooms during the schoolyear, or at a summer English language camp to adults orhigh school students. You’re needed to work in afterschool sessions in thecommunity and classrooms during the school day. Assistteachers, review homework, prepare students for tests,and serve as a resource on history, lifestyles, sports, andpopular culture through songs, games, skits, and anoccasional field trip. You’ll also have time each day to collaborate with yourteammates and prepare for classes on the next day.We’ll provide you a Conversational English TeachingGuide. Your personal service helps improve the long-term educational future of Sicily's youth. 11VOLUNTEERINITALYServe on the island of Sicily in the quaintcommunity of Castelvetrano. Obtain a non-tourist perspective of daily life by workingwith students in the classroom andsupporting adults with English lessons. Youdon’t need previous teaching experience toengage the imagination of eager students.You’ll get to know teachers, students, andordinary folks through service and enjoylasting friendships built upon mutual respectand understanding. Help us build afoundation of peace and new partnershipwith civic leaders through service. Comfortable, modern guesthouseDouble-occupancy roomsSingle occupancy availableEuropean & American breakfast Lunch & dinner at restaurantsOlive gardens & winery tours Museums, markets, art galleriesExplore the Peninsula of SalentoBrilliant, spacious beachesLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one ortwo weeks. program dates and tax-deductibleservice program - - 800-487-1074T E A C H C O N V E R S A T I O N A L E N G L I S H“Simple conversations are highly valued. Every day brought something new. I believe wecooperatively made a difference in spreading goodwill from the USA. Small steps areinvaluable to peace.” ~ John Wheeler, Five-time Italy Volunteer Our new Sicily service program begins in English languageclassrooms.NEW SERVICE PROGRAM GO TO TABLE OF CONTENTS

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VOLUNTEERINNEPALIn 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquakedevastated the wildly picturesqueKathmandu Valley, leaving tens ofthousands of people homeless. Sadly, muchof the infrastructure remains damaged,poverty is widespread, and outsideassistance is needed throughout the region.Global Volunteers assists families andchildren to regain basic living standards andsecure their futures. You can help repairliving and learning spaces, teachconversational English, and provide supportand training to women, and nurtureimpoverished children, many of whom areorphans.Secure, modern hotelDouble-occupancy roomsSingle occupancy available American-style breakfast at hotelLunch and dinner at restaurantsMuseums, parks, shopsCultural toursMount Everest air excursionReligious shrines and temples Urban gardensLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are oneor two weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions.Community Volunteer Work Projects:If you’re handy with tools, and enjoy physical activity,you’re needed for general maintenance work in schoolsand a children’s home. Teach conversational English toimpoverished youth, and marginalized women facinggender discrimination, violence, and homelessness.Native English speakers offer an extremely valuableservice to youth and adults. From small groups of fiveto classrooms of 50, you bring to students anunderstanding of the international language that canlift them out of poverty and secure their futures.Encourage, mentor, stimulate, and teach music, dance,and crafts on holidays when schools are not in session. - - 800-487-1074NOTE: The altitude in Kathmandu is lower thanDenver, CO.D E L I V E R E S S E N T I A L S E R V I C E S“We can be peaceful in our hearts, and grateful for each day as it comes. If we help oneanother, we can endure hardship together.” ~ Buddhi Man Shrestha, Global Volunteers community consultant English is a passport out of poverty for many Nepalese children.

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VOLUNTEERINPERUIn this land of Machu Picchu, shiningseacoasts, and ancient cities, over two millionchildren live in extreme poverty – on Lima’sstreets and in surrounding shanty towns.You’re needed to teach, mentor, and offerpsycho-social support to at-risk children at achildren’s home, assist health care staff atthe campus clinic, and teach English touniversity students. As a Global Volunteer,you can respond to the immediate needs ofimpoverished youth while immersingyourself in the complex and colorful cultureof Peru. Never doubt you can make adifference in just one or two weeks. Secure, modern hotel Double-occupancy rooms Single occupancy availableAmerican-style breakfast at hotelLunch at the work siteDinner at local restaurantsMuseums and craft marketsMusic and dance concerts Walks along the Pacific OceanPre/post service program add-on:Machu Picchu exursionLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one ortwo weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions. Exceptional service-learning opportunities.Community Volunteer Work Projects:You’re needed to provide direct services to at-riskchildren at Sagrada Familia and to teach English at arural agricultural school. At the children’s home, you canstimulate and guide infants and toddlers, play gameswith them and further their socialization and basicEnglish capability. Teach young students conversationalEnglish, music and arts and crafts, and help with readingand homework assignments. No teaching experience isnecessary for any assignments. Health care professionals share their specialized skills inpublic health, counseling, and social work. Teach how toprevent infectious disease and demonstrate effectivehandwashing with soap and water. If you prefer physicallabor, give community facilities a face-lift with apaintbrush or basic tools. Trades people can assist onmany plumbing, electrical, or construction projects. - - 800-487-1074“Volunteering around the world has taught me our hopes and dreams as people are muchthe same. Each place now has a human face for me.” ~Brenda Clark, 16-time volunteer D E L I V E R E S S E N T I A L S E R V I C E SNurture children living on society’s margins through health,education, and mentoring projects. GO to table of contents

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VOLUNTEERINPOLANDPoland’s rapid progress in recent decadesquickly earned its place in the EuropeanUnion. As world leaders in reconciliationand fierce self-determination, the Polishpeople have widely adopted programs tohelp students compete in a fast-pacedworld – while advancing the nation’senviable economic growth. Global Volunteers works in closepartnership with Siedlce governmentleaders to help meet the region’s ambitiouseducational goals. Historic, rural guest house Double-occupancy rooms Single occupancy available American-style breakfast; “home-cooked” Polish lunch & dinner at guesthouseLocal music and dance concertsKrakow and Warsaw tours Visit “Schindler’s List” film site Tour Wawel Castle or AuschwitzLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one,two or three weeks. poland lists program dates andtax-deductible service programcontributions. Exceptional service-learning opportunities.Community Volunteer Work Projects:During the fall and spring, you’ll teach conversationalEnglish in rural Siedlce County elementary and highschool classrooms, where Polish youth share theirhopes, dreams, and challenges with you. This is anespecially good opportunity for children and adultfamily members to volunteer together! Summer volunteers teach at language camps in thespectacular mountain village of Zakopane in southernPoland, or at an historic manor house near Siedlce.Volunteers and Polish summer camp students practiceEnglish together on field trips and through Americanand Polish games and - - 800-487-1074Small group English lessons are sometimes requestedfor adult government workers to help them improvetheir real-life speaking skills in relaxed and informal T E A C H C O N V E R S A T I O N A L E N G L I S H“The Global Volunteers program is the perfect vehicle for promoting peace andunderstanding between countries through service. It was a privilege to work with thesewonderful Polish people and share their lives.” ~ Mary Ellen Flanagan, Poland VolunteerVolunteers provide English instruction in classrooms and atsummer language camps.classes. All native English speakers can do this! Some volunteers may be assigned to a projectworking with children and youth with physical and mental disabilities at a boarding school.

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VOLUNTEERINPORTUGALWe have a place for you – in Beja, two hourssoutheast of Lisbon – to teach English toyouth and adults. Residents of this stunninglybeautiful but overlooked region of Portugalenvision a time when a vibrant touristindustry will improve local economicopportunities. School administrators and cityleaders invite you to provide valuableconversational English language instructiongenerally unavailable to the average Bejastudent in secondary, technical, anduniversity schools. By offering yourself in thisway, you demonstrate true friendshipbetween peoples.Comfortable, family-owned hotelDouble-occupancy rooms Single occupancy availableAmerican-style breakfast at hotelLunch and dinner at restaurantswhere the food is superb.Oceanario de Lisboa AquariumMuseums and local shoppingSunny beaches and coastal vistasBeja Castle and colonial churchesLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one ortwo weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions.Community Volunteer Work Projects:Because the English language is greatly valued inPortugal, you’re enthusiastically welcomed into primary,secondary, and university classrooms by Beja cityleaders and school administrators. Additionalassignments in neighboring communities on someteams reach even larger adult and youth populations. We provide you an easy-to-use, comprehensiveConversational English Teaching Guide. This practicaltool is organized by learning levels with lessons you canuse in the classroom and small groups. PortugueseEnglish teachers direct you in classroom lessons andactivities using standard English teaching curricula. You’llserve primarily as a resource on topics you’re familiarwith: American, Canadian, or European culture, history,lifestyles, sports, and the like. Use songs, games, skits,and contests to engage students of all - - 800-487-1074T E A C H C O N V E R S A T I O N A L E N G L I S H“I had a wonderful relationship with the teachers, and the students were delighted tohave a native English speaker in the classroom. This is how peace and understandingbetween cultures arrives — through communication, interaction, and mutual respect.” ~ Leon Youngpeter, Portugal VolunteerVolunteers are valuable classroom resources for youth andadult students. GO to table of contents

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VOLUNTEERINST. LUCIASt. Lucia’s natural beauty and exotic WestIndies lure is exceeded only by the warmthof its welcoming people. Amidst thistropical paradise, children of all ages faceserious challenges resulting from extremepoverty. We work in partnership withcommunity leaders in the village of Anse laRaye to help improve the arc of children’slives. You can teach/tutor preschool,primary school, and trade school students,repair school facilities, plant householdgardens, and teach important nutrition andhygiene lessons.Comfortable, bayfront cottagesLarge double-occupancy roomsSingle rooms available American-style breakfast Lunch at work sites Dinner at lodging or arearestaurants overlooking the seaWater sports and beach walkingBoat cruises and island toursHistorical and cultural toursSpectacular sunsetsLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are oneor two weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions. Exceptional service-learning opportunities.Community Volunteer Work Projects:Global Volunteers serves Anse la Raye’s preschools,primary school, and trade school in an effort toimprove basic education and nutrition. You’re neededto help care for little ones at the preschool, tutorprimary school students in math, science, and reading,and work with young adults who are learning a trade. Short-term volunteers dramatically change the formulafor every child’s success, at the most important time oftheir life. Some volunteers help plant, maintain, andharvest EarthBox container gardens. Occasionally,volunteers may be asked to teach students abouthealthy diets, physical fitness, disease prevention, andhandwashing with soap and water. Light labor serviceprojects are almost always available as well. No matteryour background or skills, your personal efforts willsignificantly improve Anse la Raye’s - - 800-487-1074D E L I V E R E S S E N T I A L S E R V I C E S“I now feel the school I worked in is MY school, and is part of me. The students sangabout flying, soaring, touching the sky, achieving. It was inspirational.” ~ Roger Yockey, St. Lucia volunteerHelping children reach their full potential is the focus of GlobalVolunteers' projects.

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VOLUNTEERINTANZANIAThe Serengeti Plain, the Great Ruaha Rift,Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Maasai and Hehetribes – all natural and cultural wonders ofTanzania. Sadly, the human realities offerstark contrast: high infant mortality, poorhealth care, and low literacy rates allstemming from extreme poverty. Inpartnership with the Evangelical LutheranChurch in Tanzania (ELCT), we are workingwith local communities to improve the healthand well-being of Tanzanian children. OurReaching Children’s Potential Program (RCP) isa child-focused, parent-driven, family-centered, and community-led comprehensiveeffort. New guest house - 24/7 electricity,hot showers, western toilets Double-occupancy rooms Single occupancy available Meals prepared by staffAmerican-style breakfastTanzanian lunch and dinnersAmazing weekend safariSpectacular stargazing Cooking classes, evening choirsLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are one,two, or three weeks or for an extendedtime. program dates and tax-deductibleservice program contributions.Exceptional service-learningopportunities.Community Volunteer Work Projects:At the invitation of local government and villageleaders, you can work with parents to eradicate hunger,improve health, and enhance cognition. GlobalVolunteers' goal is to eliminate stunting to ensure everychild can reach their potential. Stunting is a debilitatingcondition that significantly impairs cognition, causesserious health issues, and affects 40% of the children inrural Tanzania. Individuals and groups are needed in a variety ofcapacities.Those with health, nutrition, and educationbackgrounds present parent workshops in their area ofexpertise, accompany our staff on home visits, teachpublic health education in classrooms, or providepatient care at the new health clinic. Others helpstudents improve their conversational English skills or teach math, science, and geography. You can also - - 800-487-1074D E L I V E R E S S E N T I A L S E R V I C E S“RCP has added so much value to my life because before, there were so many things Ididn’t know. Now my son is healthier and my life is easier.” ~ Sharon Kaywanga, RCP motherhelp renovate community buildings, construct chicken coops, assemble hand-washing stations,make household vented stoves, or work in the greenhouse.You can help end childhood stunting through service topregnant women and mothers. GO to table of contents

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VOLUNTEERINVIETNAMDespite a shared history of war, theVietnamese and American peoplecollaborate in peace through meaningfulservice projects. This is an especiallyprofound experience for Vietnam militaryveterans who can extend a genuinehelping hand and promote justice bysharing your basic English language skillswith students of all ages. Volunteers fromall backgrounds can invest in Vietnam’sfuture leaders as they recover fromdecades of poverty – all while enjoying thisancient culture.Comfortable modern hotel Double-occupancy rooms Single occupancy availableAmerican-style breakfast Lunch at work site Dinner at local restaurantsShopping in Hanoi’s Old TownWalks in parks and along lakesTheatres and craft marketsLodging and Meals:Free-Time Options:Standard service programs are oneor two weeks. lists program dates and tax-deductible service programcontributions. Exceptional service-learning opportunities.Community Volunteer Work Projects:We’re gratified to help the Ministry of Education andTraining to meet their goal of enabling at least 1,000English teachers, translators, engineers, computerscientists, and business people every year to becomefluent in English. No previous teaching experience isrequired!Our Hanoi community partners - primary, secondary,and post-secondary schools as well as governmentand non-profit organizations - are committed tohelping Vietnamese youth and adults become fluent inEnglish. Tutor high and mid-ranking officials andbright young researchers on conversational Englishpronunciation and vocabulary. Volunteers withexpertise in law, business, economics, and financelecture in special university classes during some timesof the year. Teach basic English skills at Blind-Link, anon-profit career development and training programfor visually-impaired young adults. - - 800-487-1074T E A C H C O N V E R S A T I O N A L E N G L I S H“Vietnam was my eighth Global Volunteers program. In every service program,working with the local people, I learn more about the local culture, people,language, and customs than I could in any other way.” ~ Veteran Volunteer Tim CunniffAdult volunteers of all ages and experience are welcomed intoclassrooms and offices.

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Select01where you will serve.STEPHERE'SHOW TO REGISTER!02STEPChooseyour service program dates. 03STEPRegisteronline or by phone, fax, or scanned mail.Register online at You may submit your $350 deposit bycheck, ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank account), Visa, MasterCard,American Express, or Discover. Call 800-487-1074 for assistance. Once you are registered, we help you throughout the planning process by providingyou information on everything from travel tips to packing lists.How to Choose Your ProgramUse our program descriptions here oron our website to learn about localneeds, work projects, and how you canserve. Professional skills are notrequired; however, your professionalskills will be engaged whereappropriate. S e l e c t b y C o m m u n i t y P r o j e c tPrograms are offered year-round. Somecountries have weekly start dates;others have specific predetermineddates. We can arrange special dates forexclusive groups in most places. S e l e c t b y C o u n t r y a n d D a t eThe service project, facilities, andgeography vary by community. Everyprogram has a 1-week option, mosthave 2-week options, and a few offer 3-weeks. Compare service programs at S e l e c t b y P r o g r a m C o n d i t i o n sThe wide range of tax-deductible serviceprogram contributions starting at $1,095accommodates most every budget. S e l e c t b y C o s - - 800-487-1074 GO to table of contents

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20How Will I Get to the Host Community?Global Volunteers' staff or team leader will meet youat the airport on your scheduled day of arrival andtransport you and your teammates to the hostcommunity.What if I Don’t Know the Local Language? It’s not necessary to speak the local language; manylocal people speak some English. Our staff andcommunity partners speak English and the locallanguage and will teach you basic greetings andhelpful phrases as a part of your orientation incommunities where English is not the primarylanguage. What Type of Insurance Do I Need? Emergency medical evacuation insurance is includedin your service program contribution for all non-USAprograms. We strongly recommend that youpurchase travel health and medical insurance as wellas trip cancellation insurance. What Costs are not Covered? Airfare or other travel to the host country; visas andpassports; airport departure taxes and excessbaggage charges; charges incurred for flightcancellation or other travel delays, accidents, orother causes beyond our control; medical expenses;free-time expenses (including your meals away fromthe host community, and entertainment and otheradmission fees); alcoholic beverages; desserts;laundry and phone/fax/e-mail charges; and all otheritems not specifically included.Frequently Asked - - 800-487-1074“I serve because it gives purpose to my life, Iknow I'm providing the right kind of service,and working beside the volunteers and localpeople expands my world.” ~ Fran Johansen, 13-time volunteer TanzaniaPeruCuba

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MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION:Your coordinator will address specific questions soyou can register for a program with confidence.MEET YOUR PREFERENCES:Your coordinator will learn your preferencesregarding projects, community to serve, length ofstay, single occupancy, travel season, andbudgetary needs.STAY INFORMED:Your coordinator will tell you about new servicelocales and program changes for places you’reconsidering or where you’ve already served.MEET YOUR NEEDS:Your coordinator can suggest service localesbased on your physical, mental health, or dietaryneeds.FUNDRAISE:Your coordinator can assist you in launching afundraising page on our website to help offsetyour service program contribution.LEAVE A LEGACY:Your coordinator will explain our SpecialConsultative Status with the UN and how you canbe a part of achieving the SustainableDevelopment Goals.SATISFY SERVICE HOURS:Your coordinator will explain how you or your(grand)child earn and verify community servicehours.MAXIMIZE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS:Your coordinator can explain how an employermatching gift/grant may fund 50% or more of yourservice program contribution.MAXIMIZE YOUR TAX BENEFITS:Your coordinator will explain how yourcontribution is tax-deductible or how to fund yourcontribution via a family foundation, retirementdistribution, etc.PUT TOGETHER YOUR OWN GROUP:Your coordinator can arrange for special intactgroups to serve as an extended family, school,college, workplace, faith-based organization, civicorganization, travel club, or alumni associationfrom dates on our calendar or dates of yourchoosing. © Global Volunteers 2021 Your Personal Volunteer Coordinator Will Help You!375 East Little Canada RoadSt. Paul, MN 55117-1628 USA(800) 487-1074 | toll-free(651) 482-0915 | faxemail@globalvolunteers.orgGlobalVolunteersglobalvolunteersgloblvolunteers GO TO TABLE OF CONTENTS

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