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Global Volunteers 2019 Annual Report

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO Every child has the undeniable right for the opportunity to reach their full potential Unfortunately children all over the world never get that chance In 2019 Global Volunteers continued our mission to strengthen parents and other caregivers ability to help their children improve their futures through better food increased nutrition protection from disease enhanced health care expanded education and psychosocial support Local people always carry the burden and they do the heavy lifting however short term volunteers can change everything Volunteers offer the missing resources that so many communities need Volunteers teach tutor care for encourage support and befriend parents and children alike It is because of volunteers dedication that Global Volunteers has been privileged to help local communities for 36 years Volunteers and those who contribute financially are the lifeblood that allows parents and their communities to ensure their children can reach their potential Bud Philbrook Co founder President and CEO GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS TRUSTEES AND BOARD DIRECTORS Bud Philbrook JD Maplewood MN Co founder Trustee President and CEO Michele Gran Maplewood MN Co founder Trustee Senior Vice President Sam Hanson JD Minneapolis MN Co Founder Trustee Sue Laxdal Hilton Head Island SC Trustee Secretary Todd Lefko Elk River MN Trustee Keith Kresge JD Los Angeles CA Director Pamela Griffin Jacksonville FL Director Barbara Morris MD Golden CO Director Jim Gorski St Paul MN Director Treasurer Mindy Lull PhD Penfield NY Director Deborah Pollard Clifton VA Director John Taylor Huntington NY Director 02 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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Our Goal Reaching Children s Potential Global volunteers works to create nurture and sustain the well being of the world s children and their community that they might realize the full promise of their human potential COOK ISLANDS Our Vision Working With and Learning From Local People Global Volunteers encourages and enables volunteers to spend short periods of time working with and learning from and about local people in communities throughout the world CUBA Our Mission Waging Peace and Promoting Justice Global Volunteers is dedicated to helping build a foundation for world peace through mutual international understanding recognizing that the mere absence of war is not peace and peace without justice is no peace at all VIETNAM 03 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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Blackfeet Reservation MT Rosebud Reservation SD Appalachia WV Cuba St Lucia Ecuador Peru Cook Islands Portugal

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Poland Italy Greece Nepal China Vietnam Tanzania After 30 years in service worldwide we know investing in children is the most optimistic and lasting work anyone can do The destiny of the planet is in their hands but their ability to safeguard the future is in our hands GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS CEO BUD PHILBROOK

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PERU LAYING A FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN S OPPORTUNITIES During this past year so many improvements have been made in our humble community with your support Thank you for the wonderful new classrooms which allow us to significantly improve the youngest children s educational experience to encourage their enjoyment of learning and to enhance their futures MIGUEL RODR GUEZ SAGRADA FAMILIA FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR POLAND In 2019 donors and volunteers responded to Global Volunteers appeal to help provide three classrooms to Comunidad de Ni os Sagrada Familia our partner in Ventanilla Peru The Sagrada Familia community shelters 240 at risk children ages birth to 17 from impoverished or abusive families from the wider Lima area and educates another 1 000 day students from the surrounding shanty towns Global Volunteers works hand in hand with staff and children to help provide stimulating English classes on site health care improved facilities and nutritious meals The Sagrada Familia school serves children from families with limited resources However many more parents wanted to enroll their children than the school had capacity to serve Working alongside members of the community volunteers transformed an area filled with rubble and rusted vehicles into three beautiful classrooms with a little garden in front The parents students and teachers were greatly appreciative RAISE CHILDREN S ENGLISH COMPETENCY Since 1990 volunteers have inspired Polish children to improve their competency in English the international language of business and technology so they can enhance their career and public service opportunities Assisting Polish teachers in classrooms and at summer language camps volunteers teach English pronunciation idioms syntax speaking and reading Many students from low income families can t afford the modest cost of the summer English language program Global Volunteers Poland Service Program alumni provide scholarships so more campers can attend Many volunteers and students return year after year knowing the language camps greatly improve students retention advancement and love of the English language Having received some help when I was in college I know how important helping others is The Polanki Foundation provides scholarships to the rural students who are exceeding in English and need this camp to help but which they wouldn t otherwise be able to afford to attend They are the future of Poland The students are very engaged smart and respectful LYNN ADAMS 10 TIME POLAND VOLUNTEER MEMBER POLANKI FOUNDATION AND THE POLISH WOMEN S CULTURAL CLUB OF MILWAUKEE 06 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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SECURING CHILDREN S SAFETY ECUADOR For decades our community partner Fundaci n de Damas Calderonenses FUNDAC struggled to provide a secure entryway to their early childhood development center which serves 60 children from impoverished families We re so grateful for this hardworking dedicated energized Global Volunteers team This project was a top priority to support the most needy of children in our community We couldn t have done it without you and we will carry you in our hearts MAR A DE LOURDES ERAZO FUNDAC PRESIDENT In July 2019 a long overdue exterior renovation project was undertaken by a team of 15 Global Volunteers and local parents During two weeks they tiled the outside walls sanded and repainted the window grates repaired the fencing and cleaned and painted the main entrance with whimsical murals Thanks to the labor and donations of volunteers this humble early childhood development center building just steps from the busy main street is a safer brighter and cheerier space for at risk children to grow and learn TANZANIA ENSURING CHILDREN S FOOD SECURITY Food insecurity and infectious diseases are the primary agents of childhood stunting worldwide In the rural area of Tanzania where Global Volunteers works nearly 40 percent of children are stunted The result is underdeveloped brains which seriously impairs learning ability perpetuates the cycle of poverty and robs children of their future Through a partnership with Rise Against Hunger RAH we provide daily fortified meals to pregnant women moms and children up to age 2 to help reverse this tragedy Knowing my donation goes to the RCP program I m sure I m helping students learn and grow and have a great childhood They can t do that without the right nutrients that impact the first 2 years of their lives And because most children don t receive an education after the 6th grade they need our help to attend high school and make a positive impact in their community They are the future of the world DARLENE SAUVAGEAU MONTHLY DONOR In 2019 Global Volunteers shipped 570 120 RAH meals to our partner communities in the Ukwega Ward to feed 390 family members and nearly 700 students These meals provide all the nutrients required to support healthy development in children before and after birth Donors defrayed the total cost of 34 215 to ship the meals from the U S to Tanzania and distribute them to families and schools in Ukwega Ward 07 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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36 YEARS OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS 36 000 short term volunteers engaged in productive service Service programs in 36 countries on six continents 1 7 million hours of conversational English science math and business education More than 100 000 hours of healthcare and health education Over 800 000 hours of community infrastructure projects 350 000 hours of childcare and parental education Over 200 sustained community based partnerships Featured in 100s of major U S and international newspapers magazines radio programs and TV shows 4 9 million donated by 4 869 generous individuals and 311 foundations and organizations 08 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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Foundation Grants 12 Guide Star awarded Global Volunteers Platinum to Individual Donations Status signifying the organization s commitment 17 a superior level of transparency Service Program Contributions Individual Donations Foundation Grants Financials October 1 2018 September 30 2019 Revenue INCOME RESOURCES FINANCIAL OVERVIEW 2 819 371 Expenses 2 004 018 480 353 Management General 335 000 8 Service Program Contri 71 Fundraising Activities 6 RESOURCES EXPENDED Service Program Contribution Individual Donations Foundation Grants 2 685 676 Program Services Management General Fundraising Activities Surplus 2 299 757 211 527 174 392 133 695 Program Services Management General Fundraising Activities Program Services 86 CHINA USA GREECE ITALY PORTUGAL 09 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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MAJOR DONOR LIST As a charitable organization Global Volunteers relies on financial donations to help us deliver the United Nations prescribed 12 Essential Services focusing on children eradicating hunger improving health and enhancing cognition Global Volunteers is grateful for the individuals corporations foundations and other organizations who gave gifts of cash memorial and tribute gifts stocks and grants making it possible for children around the world to reach their full potential The lists below recognize contributions made during fiscal year 2019 October 1 2018 September 30 2019 335 000 Anonymous Family Foundation 75 000 Anonymous Family Donor 20 000 Anonymous Donor Susanne Forsyth Mark Van Wyk The Miller Family Foundation 10 000 JoAnn Benjamin Elaine Chuck Harris Keith Kresge Tim Cunniff Sue Steve Laxdal The Medtronic Foundation The Catherine M Schmoker Family Foundation Sarah Gale Yang 5 000 The Curran Family Allen Jan Gerstenberger Mary Kehrer Schneider Claire Ron Kirchen Bud Philbrook Michele Gran Joan Thomas 2 500 Richard Baks Jane Fahning Jim Gorski Mary Lou Rice Sam Mirja Hanson The Home Depot Foundation Linn Joanis William Pat Kelly The Mary Richey Global Volunteers Fund Monte Midkiff Barbara Morris Phil Zeitler Carmen Jerry Olson Jacqueline Joshua Pack Deborah Pollard Family Tom Tracey Reimann Jack Schlesinger Patricia Stoffers Tom Christie Vilsack 1 500 Richard Anderson Apple Inc The Boeing Company The Cannon Valley Communication Foundation Carita Dahlberg Barbara Douglas Holdridge Mindy Lull Suzanne Pender Darlene Sauvageau John Taylor Jeri Jan van den Top 1 000 Anonymous Donor Leon Ablon Paul Agosta Darby Hansen Bob Bradley Darlene Sam Chirman Barbara Dunham Joseph Dunn Karen Duperey Flo Francis Brian Gable Margaret Gallaher Brooke Gray Pamela Griffin Micki Hageman Lorrie Morris Horning George Latimer William Leary Kathleen Byron LeFlore Don Maher Patricia McCauley Georgianna McGuire Joan McInnes Stephanie McKay Ted Carol Mullett Patt Nelms David Laura Philbrook Polanki Inc Jeff Mary Prouty Amy Adam Robinson Charlotte Saponas Emily Smith Loren Sunell William Jane Teaford Joe Sally Testa Laurie Wright 500 Carol Andregg Lauralee Asch Lynette Aytch Jo Gordon Bailey Kim Rosie Batcheller Stephen Blahnik Kim Chin Evan Boido Beverly Burns Steve Cambridge Patricia Chvatal Mary Robert Clarke Donny Closson Shirley Colomban Walter Dedio Kim Enger Tim Farrell Philip Farrocco Maria Micale Gail Feagins Ruth Flood JoAnn Foley Nadine Gildner Lisa Godek Fran Gohlke Johansen 10 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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500 continued Beret Griffith James Harris John Haskins Stephen Amanda Hasley Brenda Carl Heltne Craig Hilary David Horan Mike Dot Hostage Terri Hudoba Ken Kieffer Michael Kithcart Susan Laudicina Diane Lindy Barbee Lux Kacie Main Carolyn Martin Corrine McCarthy Cindy Murray Russell Nash Tuan Nguyen Dick Nickel Gloria Noren Suzy Onysko Penelope Pallister Daniel Pennie Frannie Philbrook John Norma Puckett Ron Reimann Jeff Rogo Stephanie Rossi Jeremie Ryckewaert Michael Sarafolean Shirley Sauvageau Richard Maryan Schall Dan Schlesinger Carl Shannon Eileen Shatz LuRue Troyer Annie Weissman Steve Wenzel Monthly Donors Nathaniel Adams Paul Agosta Darby Hansen Terrance Albach Carol Andregg Wendy Anemaet Jorg Angehrn Michael Appleby Robert Appleby Lynette Aytch Meredith Jean Baker Amy Biehl Eleanor Brossoie Barbara Brown Sandra Butler Bruna Carneiro De Moraes Soares Greta Cazzaniga Susan Christeson Patricia Chvatal Shirley Colomban Lillian Cook Betsy Creedon Cristina Ray Cunliffe Tim Cunniff Keith Kresge Deanette Devereaux Joseph Dunn Natalie Ellender Bonnie Ewald Ruth Flood Felicia Flores Elizabeth Friend Ennis Maggi Gallaher Jim Gorski Mary Lou Rice Pamela Griffin Linda Groenendyk Roosevelt Hairston Sam Myriah Hanson Stephen Amanda Hasley Denise Hazelrigg Diane Hawkins Clark Margaret Henly Laura Hennings Craig Hilary Ingrid Holm Emily Johansen Linda Kay Marjorie Keith Sarah Keller Ken Kieffer Alyssa Kornowa Dick Kraeuter Ellen Kwan Portal Kathleen Byron LeFlore Diane Lindy Kacie Main Sharoz Makarechi Don Marshall Carolyn Martin Catherine McCartan Barbara Metz Monte Midkiff Kelly Molloy Elizabeth Moore Barbara Morris Phil Zeitler Fred Mueller Jan Nethercut Sandra Hugh Neville Maddy Norris Rachael Nowak Jacqueline Joshua Pack Bud Philbrook Michele Gran David Laura Philbrook Kit Prendergast Cindy Reed Ron Reimann Peter Rient Stephanie Rossi Darlene Sauvageau Esther Schak Eileen Shatz Michael Smith Melinda Staveley Deena Sullivam Loren Sunell Lisa Thompson Samantha Torres Jill Turk Norina Vaira Lisa van der Steur Bill Delano Annie Weissman Heather Welborn Gingie Wilson Erin Woody We greatly appreciate each gift given in support of Global Volunteers and we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing NEPAL 11 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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VOLUNTEER SERVICE MILESTONES IN FISCAL YEAR 2019 We celebrate these volunteers who passed a landmark in Global Volunteers service by volunteering between October 1 2018 and September 30 2019 35 Service Programs Jim Swidersk Joe Testa Phyllis Thompson Lori Wedeking Warren Williams 20 Service Programs Constance Crane Keith Kresge Cindy Murray Kathy Skinner Sue Surma Sue Travis LuRue Troyer Karen Wark 15 Service Programs Susan Brandler Jane Burch Susan Koralik James May Georgianna McGuire Barbara Morris Jeff Rogo Marta Wallace 11 Service Programs Mary Condon Susan Dietz Gail Feagins Virginia Giffin Fran Gohlke Johansen Denise Hazelrigg Ellen Holzschuh Julie Knudsen Don Maher Judy Mammon Don Marshall Esther Schak Rod Supple Cora Thompson 10 Service Programs Lynn Adams Norman Baxter Mary Braunagel Brown Kathy Dedrick Jeanne Dianda Ann Goldstein Kathy Hirst Silver Hjellen Sonja Knudsen Bill Laubenstein Mindy Lull Mary Mastin Louise Mollick Greg Potvin Marcia Potvin Michael Rodriguez Joe Virgona 8 9 Service Programs Leon Ablon Scott Curry Ann Finlay Kenita Gibbins George Hayes Vicky Hoagland Claire Kirchen Dorothy Mason Evette Morrow Donald Rance Janet Rodriguez Julie Scott Mary Sotir Dan Woods 6 7 Service Programs Don Balaban JoAnn Benjamin Ron Berntson Mary Biedebach Elsa Boykin Barbara Boyle Don Campbell Marianne Choy Holly Doll Ken Dubuque Kathy Durgin Dana Faust Kathy Forcey Pamela Griffin Joan Hall Michael Harris Linn Joanis Ron Kirchen Dean LaFrenz Carol LaFrenz Lois Levick Kris Nyland Laurie Pines Suzanne Popp Ken Popp Leo Pyzynski Karin Rankin Kathy Rea Shirley Sauvageau Paul Seliga Ann Sweeney Bud Weiner John Winters Barb Winters Laura Young 5 Service Programs Anne Benaquist Mary Benton Melody Covay Trevor Curry Barbara Dunham Jane Durkee Claire Falkner Jane Harrison Kurt Jaeger Sharon Knutson Thomas Kromroy LaVerne Lewis Diane Lindy Lynn Lotkowictz Priscilla MilesJo Carol Nesset Sale Linda Noonan Bluma Schechter Lisa Thompson Annie Weissman An asterisk indicates our Volunteer Team Leaders 12 Global Volunteers Annual Report 2019

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ST LUCIA GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS 375 East Little Canada Road St Paul MN 55117 1628 USA 800 487 1074 toll free 651 482 0915 fax globalvolunteers org email globalvolunteers org GlobalVolunteers globalvolunteers globlvolunteers Global Volunteers 2020